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  1. Well tried agen no luck i got this Due to the severity of the violation of the terms of service the account is ineligible for un-banning. Well i guess back to playing other games when i even wrote the whole story they just dont care and unban almost everyone i know except for me thats great when you get false banned and they dont even listen to your end of the story.
  2. i already got a reply saying its blocked permanent and i don't do real money trading i bought it with the cash i make from working.Thats why i sayd ill wait till i see something decent happening here then i can mb reroll for now i don't see the point got banned like in 2015 or so never carried about this game since then.
  3. Whats a rmt?None the less i got banned for who knows what and i couldn't get in contact with the pass support and this one is the same so yh i ain't touching this game till i see some decent improvement in it seeing how it is still nothing changed lets hope now there will be some progress maybe i will give it a chance and reroll.
  4. Its states i scammed even tho i never scammed anyone and i bought stuff with my own money so no idea how that came to be.Also when the block happened i didint play the game for like half a year and i had it on a new email which i dont rly use and didint check and they banned me tried to get in contact automatic message so i stoped playing it since it was in 2014/2015 or so.
  5. I would come back to this game but nah ill pass they banned my account for no reason was a manual ban still woun't unban me i ain't rerolling unless i see there is decent improvement in this game.
  6. same here got like we will keep the ban on for this account even tho never cheated on it just i was called a scammer even didint scammed anyone great job
  7. Still waitin on mine aswell been 27 days when i made the ticket #3015 still no updates i guess ill wait but not hopping for anything good.
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