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  1. Yes, there are a lot of official statings about banning for using macroing tools. But what we have ingame? Lots of people reduce recoil and shoot with most optimal delay, while LO just ignores it all. So, will any actions ever be taken? You can say that it is not a high priority task, but even small studios like Facepunch at least try to deal with it. Will LO change something or just let everyone cheat with little formal shaming?
  2. They just didn't transfer all mailboxes, not only my one
  3. That WAS a lot of outfits. Now it is a migrated character without anything
  4. We can accept removing guns. We can accept removing our armas. But with our mailbox you removed all we had in this game. Dear Matt and LO team, I leave it all here for you to see what you killed.
  5. Разъебать мою старую шляпу тризлоебучим пропиздом. Лучше б они перенесли здоровенный хуище в свое гнилое серево, чем моего персонажа. Ибо эти гнусные проблядские распиздяи удалили к разъебучим чертям всю почту с 70 костюмами. Одним словом, промудоблядское пиздопроёбище.
  6. That's a pity, but this problem is actual until the transfer, just because many people lost all they had because of such abusers.
  7. I don't think "you did the same if possible" is a good proof of something. I say only about things I know and have at least some real proofs (such as screenshot with those gloves). Also, having cheated items on the account makes you guilty despite of your good or bad previous actions. Anyway, without such accounts, LO wouldn't have any doubts about other ones.
  8. His job was helping GMs, looking after the chat ant etc. Not getting free items unavaliable for fair players and showing off with it.
  9. That's a pity, but all of these "volunteers" were unbanned when LO bought the game. So, they will be moved to citadel with fair players (who will also lose most armas because of them).
  10. Even this "except for 3 guns" makes you guilty for LO's actions, just because of you personally and another SH they suspect everyone in getting such benefits. As for the gloves, they were deleted not because you became a fair person and removed it, but because you were banned as a guilty cheater (who you are in my personal opinion).
  11. It hurts everyone who spent more than 5k, and these people are mostly dedicated players and designers. Anyway, if you buy a pack again, customisation will be lost (like the car tuning). That's a pity that LO suspects everyone on our server in cheating with armas items.
  12. By my little help, he already was in a ban in gamersfirst, loosing most of it (at least i'm sure about gloves). I'm a bit sad LO unbanned him, but amnesty is amnesty.
  13. Despite of being grateful to LO for transferring, I think the numbers are too strange. Of course you get more than 20kk of g1 if you give them to every 10 hours old account. As for me, 10h is 1-1.5 days of playing the game, this number is even less for students or children who actually play here. (including guys who have a lot of accounts) I doubt that they actually spent anything during that time. Same about amounts for below 200-300 hours of playing. As for 500-1000+, they just spent much more than 5000 g1, and, number of such people is rather little. Another question is LO's doubts about armas item origins. As a normal player, you can't get clothing and tuning packs in other ways than paying for these. As for the "boosted accounts", they are widely known because they were a part of administration, which includes the title "Street hunter", and other marks. I mean unexisting ingame items, huge amounts of ingame $, JT and ALL of the armas. For example Proga, having gloves that don't exist ingame. So, we have near 5 doubtful accounts which will "kill" several thousands. (here you can look at him. Same goes about iJuliet, MayaTheSiren, MrLekser and other ones, everyone has a title and can't remove it from the list) As for guns got from changing joker tickets, it is much more complicated than clothes and tuning, which need no proofs in my opinion because of never being given out for free. Normal players have jt guns, so it actually can be proven only by emails from innova which most players keep because they never clear out their mailboxes. On the other side it is not paid for, so it can be removed if LO gets no proof of purchasing. So, you will get near 100 most dedicated players who didn't leave the game during 2 years, and you give them 5k g1 (1 permanent gun). And you get several thousands who don't play and will never return, but they get a lot of g1 they never spent. I think it all should be a bit more fair to old players, because not so old ones left the game or just made a new char on Citadel. There are a lot of ways to do it (for example remove unproven armas from below 500 hours of gameplay, leave all except guns for 500-1000, leave anything on 1000+), you just need to make it fair for dedicated players.
  14. Firstly the game has 400-500 people online (counting near 100 in social), which isn't enough to maintain equality. Secondly, it is not a challenge to play with worse or equal players and without annoying guns, you'll never learn how to play like that
  15. Friend, first of all, innova made character backups before making armas free. So, all chars have only armas items which were got before transferring Innova chars to Nekrova. (If it wasn't done so, why every char on nekrova doesn't have all armas?) Secondly, how a player can get armas items in other way than paying for it or getting from events? As for guns, they could be bought for joker tickets, but it doesn't excuses the fact of deleting clothing packs and car tuning (avaliable only for real cash and purely cosmetic). If it is so important, they could remove guns accurately, without killing the whole wardrobe. And now about the former moderators/innova admins and etc. Not counting the fact near any innova player can name you these accounts, they are easily recognised by using unexisting titles, guns and clothes.
  16. The fact is they want to remove all armas items (and mailbox maybe), just because they didn't get payment logs from innova. The fun fact is that these logs were requested nearly a year after innova closed their APB. As for me, I already left this game because of unfulfilled promises and censorship.
  17. there are no link to third party offers now in payment options, so i think that it's not really working now
  18. Giving away roughly 1/20 of a monthly salary for premium isn't a good option, for some countries it was the only way to buy something from armas
  19. i hope this topic won't just move down and we'll get an official answer
  20. Superrewards was actually the best option for russian players because of currency exchange rates. Personally, i don't see any logical reason for LO to refuse from getting money like that (noone will pay 5$ if they need only 5-6 G1C). We all hope they will return it. (there is a chance that they are simply reworking offer information and essential elements due to company change, maybe it made LO and Superrewards/Peanutlabs to renew the contract)
  21. Friends, thanks to all of you who likes my posts and outfits. You asked for female uniforms long time, and now i decided to make it. As all of my german uniforms, they can be bought on Citadel, just mail me, AbuMohammad, ingame. These are my first female outfits, but I hope not the last ones.
  22. First of all this will be useful for clans, as they should have both male and female uniform. But, as a designer, i am always asked for a female costume, as for me it feels bad to tell people that there is no female version and it'll never be created
  23. As a costume maker, I am frustrated by inability to make female clothes without making female character and levelling her to unlock symbols and clothing. In real life, designers are free to use a dummy and fit clothes on it. So, Isn't it possible to make some kind of that dummy ingame? For example, we can just use a standard female character when you buy and customise female clothes, as it happens when you preview an item on marketplace. In my opinion, giving us such ability to customise all clothes will be the best customisation improvement, far better than extending existing limits. (At least people won't be frustrated if the costume doesn't have female version)
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