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  1. https://tenor.com/view/keanu-reeves-shrug-oopss-gif-14192438
  2. It's a common thing in gta online and in many games I've had to defend some new gta players with my deluxo passive mode killing and I got tired of it real fast. but..... Here's what you need to do put on your pixel shades and "Deal With It."
  3. I've had the same issue with only being able not to connect to the Jericho Server. I've only been able to connect to the other 2 servers but when I go to the server select on the Jericho Server all I get is the Infinite Connecting Loop.... when I try to enter a district in the Jericho Server. The other servers work normal for me. I've had this issue at least for a few weeks now.
  4. Same issues as well the group and friends list was being weird couldn't add or remove friends lol.
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