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  1. ilikecake


    While I appreciate the effort, your post does not address any of the hotly debated cheating topics, and only addresses the obvious, traditional ways of cheating ie. aimbot, esp etc. For example, what is your opinion on client side file editing, like people changing the mission files to know the next stage and the next objective. What is your opinion on using 3rd party software putting a crosshair overlay on the game so it's easier to aim certain guns? What is your opinion on editing certain files to make players etc. easier to see in game? Those are all topics that have been generating very heated exchanges from the playerbase for many many years and you should REALLY draw a line in them already.
  2. ilikecake

    The Growth of GamersFirst

    That's ironic and kinda funny because the overwhelming majority of your game's player base is exactly that, underaged kids. lol
  3. ilikecake

    What's going on with Citadel?

    you can try but they can easily deny any refund by citing factors outside their control ie ddos, (even when it's not).
  4. are we sure it is DDOS attacks, just seems to be a constant issue with Jericho, not sure if Citadel has this issue ALL the time. My friends (from the US) that play on EU on a frequent basis (due to NA being so bad) tell me EU is better. My ping on EU is too high so I don't really enjoy playing there but the limited few times I did play on EU, i experienced the same kind of wrapping and then district crash as on NA. So I think it's similar and I don't think it's ddos... But then again maybe I'm just that unlucky. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  5. There's a fine line between being pessimistic and realistic tbh. but that's up to each person i guess. There is nothing to send in this case though. This is not an isolated case for any one particular player. Them asking for /latencytest is really dumb and useless but I guess the CSR all copy paste from a script. The problem happens frequently enough all they have to do is have their "IT team" monitor it for a few hours at most and they can see it first hand themselves, which the CEO himself finally did so. After years of g1, we really don't ask for much tbh. It's not like we are asking for 128tic Faceit servers, all we ask is for the server to not act like this. But you are right, trying to argue with someone who blatantly ignore facts and also doesn't seem to quite understand the word "inexcusable" is fruitless.
  6. cobra buff wow. hope that works out.
  7. amazing. Literally denying what you said yourself. lol "upgrade from a potato we were on" lolwat.jpg you told me to upgrade my potato. maybe also read the post right below this original post from you and see how ur post came across to others. but hey, i no england.
  8. I've never seen anyone this deep in denial about anything. "lie for me being a yes man" what?? lol what?? 0 sense again. Pls get glasses. Lie for me? about what? lol You are actually literally lying outta your teeth yourself , saying you "play everyday" yet somehow does not see the constant server problems which the ceo himself ADMITTED, and that server only lagged that ONE DAY the ceo was on. You obv does not play "everyday" and if you then wow, see a doctor about this extreme case of denial or something? I mean, see the forums and maybe /d chat and see how many people have this problem and not "just me"? That's literally what you said. You suggested I upgrade my potato AFTER the ceo himself admitted their server is performing like garbage and there is no excuse for it. "inexcusable", was his word. You obv read that thread he posted since you quoted it. So let me put this in a way you can understand, you suggested I should upgrade MY computer, in order to get THEIR server to perform properly. lol do you even read what you post. should prob start doing that. also, upgrade my potato's cpu/gpu etc. to solve network issues? wat are u gonna suggest next, download some RAM from the internet to get 0ms ping? lol true. usually they say something like "99% uptime". But if it goes down too frequently and/or for too long you can def request some credits back for your next statement. they usually oblige.
  9. perhaps you should get a new pair of glasses. if you had packet loss before it's ur isp's routing. packet loss is almost always isp's routing unless the ENTIRE district get it, like it happened since lo took over. and did u play in 2012? didn't answer the question. so I assume u still have no idea how bad it was so you have no comparison. ROFL. Let's buy a service/product we can't use/enjoy. Do you pay bills irl at all? when you pay ISP for internet and it goes down multiple times daily for month do you not ask for credits back. when you buy a tv and it's DOA do u not ask for refund/return. "only ONE DAY unplayable" Are you for real? like, completely blind to what's been happening right in front of you..... and u call ME "deluded" LOL. maybe go thru his post history and look for urself. or ask around. "open" im not sure is the correct word, tho i will say they've been doing good in communication department. also I thought u were trolling since ur first post in this thread. but ok,
  10. LOL wat. how does something like "we banned 50 ppl for cheating this past week" is "giving keys to your house and car" wat is this logic holysh1t. You can go to steam profiles and see who's VAC-banned, does that mean Valve gave away all the secrets to their AC. lolwat Have you ever played this game in 2012? I guess not. district-wide wraps were happening about every 10-15 min. It was impressive if you could finish 1 mission without everyone rubberbanding. The districts also went down pretty much on a hourly basis. g1 did something which at least solved those problems to a somewhat workable extend. What we have right now though is pretty much the same, but with the added bonus of also having packet loss. do you know why they had to add the AC. Because they needed one so they can unban all the players without incurring too much wrath from the playerbase. Why unban all the players? Because they NEED the numbers back. Everyone knows the game has been bleeding players for the past number of years and they really need a bandaid solution to carry them over until they can maybe get something done with the mythical engine update. It really is not about "providing a fair playing environment for all players", that can be considered a side-effect. This is painfully obvious from Matt's handling of a certain player. He repeatedly said the ban was "well-documented" and should never be reversed, then he went ahead and unbanned the player. How is that any different from Tiggs' handling of many of the previous bans. Also why are you recommending people to get scammed. They sell premium and guns yet you can not actually use any of them since the servers are so terrible and go down frequently. What they are doing selling premium while servers are in their current state is basically scam/fraud. They do not refund or compensate for downtimes obv, coz they will always use the excuse "factors outside of our control coz it's ddos" as excuse. Players like you are actually part of the reason why game devs get away with many of the bs things they do these days. You are like those ppl on Steam forums saying Devuno DRM doesn't affect performance and buying blindly into every game with it while ignoring there are countless proofs that it does affect the games in a very negative way. But please by all means, you go ahead and buy all their stuff on Armas. Looking at the numbers even after their mass unban, they are prob eating into their savings accounts these days.
  11. ilikecake

    Server lag update

    thx for your communication but how is this even possible. It's been happening maybe like 2 weeks since you guys took over. and it's been happening pretty much EVERYDAY. And according to the other thread your CM has been in-game and apparently she had "fun". None of your team reported this issue to you that warrantied some kind of investigation either on your part or your engineer's part? I play maybe like 1 or 2 times in a week and it doesn't matter when I'm on, it lags, and often the district ends up crashing. And I've seen this in early morning with no /pop, afternoon with some /pop , and evening with some decent /pop. Also it happens everywhere including fight club. and what can you say about packet loss? how come never had packet loss literally since G1 revived this game 2012 until you guys took over?
  12. lol... ya they installed a new AC, nice. but BE is not all that cracked up to be. look at pubg lol, it's a joke. also LO refuses to release any kind of stats or verifiable proof on BE, all we know is his word that BE "is working" lol. the only thing LO is doing better is communication. blind faith is bad m'kay no it's not. they specifically said they have a new mitigation provider, also they said they did something to the servers, thus the insane amount of packet loss.
  13. lol all the disklikes OP get. all the fanbois is unreal. The servers are the WORST they've EVER been. they are actually worse than G1's time, and somehow worse than 2012 when we had server-wide wraps every few minutes. Constantly wrapping, d/cing, lagging, crashing and 10%-20% packet loss. G1's terrible mitigation never gave me packet loss btw.
  14. ilikecake

    Jericho Down!

    these servers are worse than 2012. also somehow worse than g1's before LO took over. wat a joke
  15. Can you provide a logical explanation to this. I'm still confused as to why this is called "name and shame". If you do not have any evidence and accuse someone of cheating that is "name and shame". But in this case the player is already convicted and banned for CHEATING. How is that still "name and shame"? doesn't even make any sense. Also how are you handling other forms of abusive behavior. like excessive trolling, griefing, harassing, bullying w/e. How is that "better". it's not like he has any downtime since you can just reroll in 5 min.