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  1. My buddy recently spent 10 bucks and got, I shit you not, 4 yukons. Some accounts that are anti-whale are almost rigged to get good stuff. Meanwhile I dropped 30 bucks on misery boxes and got literally nothing. Its just rigged that way, we exposed it years ago when they did the powerbox scam. If youre not trash, you dont need one. Then again, I LOVE the one my buddy sold to me, its so trashy its a complete monkey gun that mag dumps people with CQB guns. Its obscene. More to the point, some people are just lucky that way. There are tons of players with tens of millions of dollars ready to go. Across several accounts ive probably got 200+ million dollars so its not inconceivable that an old player could rack up a serious cash haul to scoop up Yukon's. Less luck, more skill.
  2. Man screw that guy right, you cheat you get what you deserve, we can only hope punkbuster fairfight tiggsfight battle eye works as intended and deals with these evil cheaters.
  3. We don't really have tactics, we just kinda win. Most of the people I play with have been on this shit since the beginning, and I can count the people who can beat us on one hand. If you have a group of people that you play with so regularly you can communicate through mind link, then you've got something difficult to beat. Next to nothing can best a finely crafted, well tuned, well trained war machine. Like clockwork, every piece with its place, cycling in tandem at an accelerated pace. No thoughts. No feelings. Only unconscious action. PURE unadulterated unbridled will. Tactics are kind of a meme in apb. Having a good team composition and people that can play roles AND more importantly, win fights, means you're basically unbeatable. Everything and anything else is scum garbage. Find a gun, learn to use it well, then pick a different one, and learn that one to, switch between when the situation dictates its necessity. Profit.
  4. You should check out my live streams, their a f-kn train wreck. One time I crushed up modafinil with a draco ak-47 I kept under my couch, snorted it through a rolled up scantron, and chased it with every beer I could shotgun in an hour. This was after staying up for two days and taking my final round of engineering exams so I was beyond annihilation. Then I blacked out on stream and 4chan though I died and called the cops on me. But in Ernest, I am fairly articulate and an extremely nice guy in real life. This game just makes my blood boil. And Ive seen the exact same shit THREE TIMES now. Did it never occur to these cretins they get what they give. If there was any self awareness in this game, id be a GM. For once id be on their side at the very least. But these guys burn bridges, and fast. And the worst part is, way back in the before time I was in GOOD with the people that ran this ship, and it ran WELL. Then corporate came in and did all the stuff they keep doing over and over. We have a new team, but why would I think its not more of the same? Why would they care? The people that cared about apb left long ago, now all we have left is regret. All that being said iodyne... You don't remember me? Probably for the best. If its any consolation, I never hated you NEARLY as much as some of the scum on these boards. Thanks man. Ill throw up a live stream sometime if you wanna see me get drunk and belligerent. I cant promise much, but I can promise you one thing. You wont be bored.
  5. Honestly all this garbage is just a meme anyway. There is a honeymoon period of effort then it will quickly settle into a status quo affair, and as much as id like to take a steaming load over all of this... Its not worth it. I could point out how I was basically correct about everything, the entire time. About the people running the company, about fair fight, about its content (implying), about its tone policing and every other mess that this dumpster fire was. But its just not worth it. This place exists as nothing more than a pressure release valve. It lets people impotently ree into a padded room, meanwhile its business as usual. Not even mentioning the numerous problems the previous mod squad had. If you don't recognize a hatchet gang when you see one. I dont know what to tell you. I already know there are going to be problems. Not to upset our glorious new overlord CM, but i remember her saying somewhere that she had a criminal justice degree? Curious isn't it? The more things change the more they stay the same. And while I am willing to give her a chance and stay on her """""""good side""""""""" what would be the point in doing so? Would any of my criticism be labeled as valid? Would my constructive input even be valued? Why do they care? why should they? These people are here to tell you what you want to hear. If you dont see the problem with someone trained to see everyone as suspect and guilty of something awaiting their """"""""""""careful scrutiny"""""""""" Then I dont know what to tell you. Because you know what this all means? It means that tiggs and the modsquads have been silenced. It means the """gamersfirst"""s have been erased. It means apb has been cleansed by failures righteous fire. But most of all. It means I was right. APB as we know it is over. I waited so long for the prophecy of a failing player-base and decreasing revenue streams whispered in my ear to be fulfilled. But its not better, is it? Not really. Not different, not purified, and the more it changes the more it stays the same. We have merely restarted the cycle. Those that are informed take a cyclical view of history. No lessons were learned from the previous iteration, no mistakes rectified, no errors corrected, or fault of any kind found. There is no redressing of the fundamental problems that plagued it before. No introspection about the people at the heart of all of it. At every level you had outright hatred and hostility on part of the elite of their own playerbase. What has changed? >inb4 unbans If you know nothing of PR, then I dont know what to tell you.
  6. No. This is dumb and unnecessary and you clearly made this just to post that gi-joe meme. Power creep is a thing, look into it. TLDR: the premise is as follows. New weapons are released, and if they aren't better than what exists, there is no purpose to use or more importantly to buy them. The problem here is that something put in line with something else that already exists and is already established makes one question the nature and necessity of its existence. Which is to say, there is none. There is no reason to use some meme gun when pmgs-hvr-ntec can be had from any contact for less than a few grand and off the cash shop for next to nothing. Also, wheres the arguments friend? care to post stats? Care to elaborate or are you just going to dumpster-post? God these forums devolved while I was away. You deserve a better breed of S.poster
  7. You want to talk about trolls. You want to talk about muh' 1 percent and "echo chamber" Meanwhile the rational mind drinks your salty tears. Stay mad kid.
  8. Worth it to return? Probably not. This game attracts a certain kind of owner, which in turn generates a certain kind of environment which filters down to the players. They of course, maintain negative self awareness and externalize all their problems. I eagerly await witchhunt-fight 2.0 and the obnoxious ego wars this glorious dumpster fire always was. Stay away bro. Kicks are no longer possible without demerits. Its been that way for years.
  9. Wrong on all accounts. Subjective opinions with no real arguments, no real stats to back up anything just pure conjecture. Your complaints about non lethal are absurd. If and when you play against someone with the absolute minimum amount of competency, you see how fast you are whipping out your usual meta-gun to stop messing around. Also, basic logic, if there is one side you feel superior to the other...maybe stop crying and swap? Like seriously what is this even trying to accomplish? What decent player doesn't have a crim and enforcer character? you are given TWO slots even on free accounts like seriously whats up bro. The complaints about the cars also similarly lacks any kind of context. If you are talking about the invincible minivan that takes 2 grenades and a few mag dumps to even scratch the paint on... I feel your pain, but those tend to be EXPLICITLY PAY TO WIN CASH SHOP CARS. I have complaints about them too, but to claim its muh' enforcers fault...when you can buy it on either side? Did i miss something? What the are you even talking about. Care to clarify? add context? post vehicle stats from the database? videos?
  10. Can we get some kind of word on if its okay to use ultimate crosshair in overwolf? I know of countless players who use it in *every* game, its no more game changing or invasive as a little icon poping up when someones talking. And lets be honest vivox has been a fail since day one.
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