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  1. Not you only. It allways felt like the best way they had to retain players is with the engine update, that will fix all of apb problems. And its delayed forever.
  2. You really need to understand that the game offers a lot of variety... some missions offer you open areas, other close, others a few of both. When a mission offers you an open area thats when you pull out long distance weapons and there is nothing wrong with it. So if you are maining a shotgun and an nfa (full close range), or you need to switch to a more suitable weapon to counter or protect yourself from those range weapons (specially nhvr or even dmr), or look for the way to get close to them as quick and safest possible, or ask a team to cover you. You know a sniper (pre nhvr nerf) can't do much against a rushing shotgun (or pointman). When i had the luck to play in groups with friends, we had a really experienced sniper that would cover us efficiently enough for us to reach the enemy or the objective. Something alike would happen when you have to fight in really closed areas where you need to switch to pointman because you need a more efficient weapon for those kind of zones, and then a only sniper user comes to cry that pointman guns are way too op for him to handle in those areas or that his secondary is not strong enough to face pointman guns (?). Is that why in a team vs team scenario the one with mixed weapons would work better than full of nhvrs. Is the job for the closest range to take down targets quickly while the longest range cover him. Add bricks, shields, granades, ephinephrine (or whatever is called) and etc etc. that helps you to get closer to your enemy... nowdays is barely a problem honestly. Yeah, not so much it seems.
  3. Wow, how is our psychologist with toxicology degree being so disliked? It must be TOXICITY!!!
  4. You can see them complaining about hit reg often. A normal player would think that he was missing, but they never miss and so they complain about hit reg. Thats fairly funny. I even alerted some mod about certain videos, no response. It seems that they care only when you insult them.
  5. But you are mocking people for being less intelligent, what damage. ... "You dont read minds, you lack of inteligence". I am done, you are blocked now.
  6. Wow, is that how you use your so blessed "inteligence"... See? These kind of guys are the ones that cry for nerf, and you cater to them.
  7. Is that the only way? Really? Please you pro balance player, keep naming all of the ways you can counter a nhvr (a pre nerf nhvr). Lets teach the nerfing crowd to counter weapons.
  8. But is really diferent that an experienced player use a weapon to test it, and you. Atac is better than ntec in all possible ways. I even sniped with it, but no one says NOTHING against atac, im asking myself why? Because you dont see it often.
  9. And was not nhvr. You are the one with lack of inteligence if you dont know how to properly counter a nhvr, which i never had major problems against it. They added plenty of tools to counter it, use them. That you are bad countering weapons is not the game fault, but yours.
  10. Well, 4x4 was exclusive 2 full months. It would take you more if you couldn't or missed a week in fc, and mission to get jt didn't exist at that moment. So imagine, me farming it for full 2 months, waiting a week for fc and jt and repeat... but then? Jt were easier to get and they released 4x4 for real money. What cry could i do to revert such damage? Everyone has a 4x4 like if its a fucking calabria and is not special anymore. Losers everywhere enjoying with a purchase or less than a month their 4x4 that took me long to farm. No one fucking cared and everyone enjoyed their cheap win. What is a shitty skin compared to that? Backstab after backstab after backstab (and lies ofc), and they still thinking what goes so wrong with this game. OH but wait right there, if you dare to say anything or acumulate all that fucking shit to yourself, you are TOXIC!!!! "We understand your frustration" no fucking shit you do.
  11. Ironic, because from my years of playing apb since i was a filthy bronze to now, i never felt nhvr being op in any way and never, ever complained about it. But you decided to crap it, crying that is op and if it was paid, p2w for sure. There is the good people with it that probably will make you suffer, and there is the bad that will suck so bad with it that they are a walking nhvr frag. But from all these players, you have plenty of tools to take them down easily. I don't see them nerfed... You honestly are the ones that need to fucking learn to play and stop changing the game to be boring and crap, making people leave because apb is becoming a nerf trash pit.
  12. Oh god. Maybe they think they are like childrens who will get scared to lose their accounts if they keep cheating, and they will change their mind. Thats what happens when you have no idea how it works...
  13. I used it today and I still think that the nerf was completly awful. Ive been playing with nhvr today after so long, and as allways trying to land a bullet at cqc is fairly hard, but getting 28 assist is completly ridiculous. Plus I heard that after the clown nerf it got another nerfs... i dont even want to check it. You reverted most changes for being absolute trash and making quit a huge amount of players... is there any plan to revert nhvr to its glory? If not, can i get snipers from my characters changed to other weapon if i send a support ticket and i wait half year?
  14. So much insight... still the millions one spent to buy it are spent.
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