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  1. Hello guys, is there any config available to somehow make sprint toggleable? My pinkie finger starts to hurt so much after holding shift for 15mins or so, i just can't play normally. I know that LO against configs and i agree with them on this, but still, this one little thing would help me alot. Thank you. I think i posted in the wrong sub category, sorry...
  2. Why not just realeasing it as a paid weapon on armas? Why we have to gamble for it? I understand that JMB's are way more profitable for little orbit and they need to make money, but this is a wrong way to go imo...
  3. Matt Scott said that they will use total account play time that was before migration to nekrova unfortunately.
  4. 100h short to recieve 5k g1c : (. Anyway this is some good news, thank you LO.
  5. Joker store permanent weapons is an awesome addition, thank you!
  6. I'm using my regular account to login to OTW, but it says that my credentials are incorrect. Changed password, even logged in to regular server, but OTW still says it's incorrect. Edit: After trying for like 20th time it finally worked.
  7. This is from comment section in the video, and if we dig deeper, i'm pretty sure we will find some more gems. People literally never played APB, but somehow already formed their opinions that game is P2W. Same old story...
  8. Well, for some reason i only played FC and never action districts. It's a good thing that they are gonna remove it, action districts are gonna be filled even more.
  9. Sounds good. So reworking armas prices are still not planned, only reworking visual design?
  10. I would like to buy prem, but fuck the current price without discount. I need to deposit 15 euro to actually buy it...
  11. Just wait and see what will actually happen, let them work... Endless threads about this won't do anything useful.
  12. But i just reinstalled.. I have 4x4 vegas, do you still let me play?
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