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  1. Thanks for letting us knonw but i got question . how about the ppl that got ban by the g1? will they be on that second wave?
  2. lol actully im still banned didnt get anything unbanned . so im just upset bit now .
  3. i did bump it by one answer that i didnt get unban xD and my status is blocked so i feel its the deadline
  4. still blocked here and selali answered my ticket but she didnt unban. she just said i should be unbanned when the server is up..... and the forum status is still blocked.
  5. send support ticket on this link https://support.gamersfirst.com/ and they should help you
  6. I will . i have nothing to do on my hand other then just waiting maybe i get unbanned. but actully started losing the hope xD
  7. I think they are done now im still banned sooooooooo going to cry on the dark corner on my room.... xD
  8. Well after installing the battleye from apb launcher seems like it fked the other game that i play and using the same anti cheat xD well gj
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