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  1. When you're trying to survive, obviously hiding around the end, then you get kicked due to inactivity in the last 10 seconds. Priceless.
  2. This should run on a whole district like the Halloween event (or at least on a bigger part than Beacon) and keep Beacon for 12 Deaths of Christmas... But this is only my opinion.
  3. Weird, it worked for me. Then sorry i can't help.
  4. It's a bug. Try to restart the game, then it should be fine.
  5. Overall i like it. but.... - I'm missing the ambient sounds. Feels so empty. - Spectating mode is a little boring. I would like to be able to do something else instead. Also when someone killed me couldn't see their name. - Sometimes i can't see the enemy's name even when they are standing in front of me, but sometimes i see their name popping out at corners or behind vehicles. - Friendly fire, not funny when you randomly get killed by your teammate then you have to spectate for 10 minutes. Maybe this only happened with me, i don't know. - Little annoying to lose everything when you die. Sadly i only made it to the last 2 rounds, so couldn't play long.
  6. Gonna take a while to get used to this new forum
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