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  1. Ok there are like 4 topics with this same issue. I gonna expose my problem over there, something that a lot of players are facing since 2 days already due to Mission/Fightclubs/Social districts. So yesterday I was able to play in mission district with friends then massive mission district crashes. Trying to relog , stuck at "Contacting World Server" No problem I go to sleep anyway... Today I tried to login etc... same problem stuck at "Contacting World Server"... and take in mind that happend today between 17h00-17h30 (I'm from France but country doesn't matter, friends were able to log in without issue, only 2 of us) I'm trying again to log in RIGHT NOW and it's 00h12 and guess what ? I can log in to the server world i'm chilling in social ditrcit right now... So every time when a district server crash I'm not able to cotnact the world server again. So now the question to #LittleOrbit-Support is : Why are we facing this problems since 2 days already ? Why before we didn't face this issue ?
  2. Again for tonight.... by the way you don't need to reinstall it, I was able to play until one of the District crashes. Then me and some of my friends weren't able to relog, same music... Contacting world server... ERROR. And little orbit's staff isn't replying us about this issue that many players are facing. What is causing this new problem ? Are the servers too old ? Are you planing to rent new servers ?
  3. Decided to play APB after my work and... Guess that I'm not the only one having this issue ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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