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  1. i can go to loading screen but the account still blocked maybe they still not finish
  2. what about BaseInput edit for fix mouse bug? it will be ok to use it?
  3. the will ban all ppl was cheating or ban for no reason and give them sec chance
  4. well i really thx every one working to make the game better this game deserve better chance thx for Little orbit
  5. contact me if u can design outfits. thx.
  6. Well the cheaters make me sick every day I play this game we all love apb but I hope they’ll active the new anti cheat because the only reason this game was dead before is cheaters and I believe the new manager is doing great finely the game will get a real chance
  7. IGN: xxd3sxx (for now i will back to my old account soon) Time played: i played apb from 2014 but i stop play it and i back now and i have 210+h play on steam only old apb i spend alot of time on it but i just back before 2 weeks country: saudi arabia why?:as i said i just back im looking for active friends to play with
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