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  1. https://lmgtfy.com/?q=what+does+being+a+tryhard+mean
  2. This is my first thought after reading the news. However, this may also be in the favor APB:Reloaded. Little Orbit does see a future in APB:Reloaded, otherwise they would've given up on it and sold APB:Reloaded as well. This money could give Little Orbit just enough to accomplish their ambition and re-populate APB:Reloaded. Thanks for caring about the game and the community, Little Orbit. And no, I am not sarcastic.
  3. That is odd. I hope someone from the development team will notice this. In the mean time, this is a potential fix:
  4. You're missing files/the files are corrupted of your APB installation on your old PC. You shouldn't be copying these files to your new PC. Completely remove all files of APB and completely re-install APB via Steam.
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