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  1. Guppiez

    server down

    Districts are crashing, server needs a restart or something. @MattScott
  2. Going on just the basis that someone started playing terrible statistically in an attempt to dethreat is a really bad foundation and should never be sole reason someone be punished. I'd rather not have the fear of coming home drunk one night and just playing like an absolute clown then just randomly getting punished/banned because I'm not playing as good as I usually do. Or sometimes I play when I'm ill and my response time is alot slower, same thing. Hell even sometimes I just like playing with the dumbest loadouts because it's a game and I want to have fun in a handicapped way sometimes.
  3. Guppiez

    @LittleOrbit Wide Screen advantage

    I needed a good laugh today so thank you! but no. xD
  4. This. It's going to be a massive headache. I mean sure they can play legit after being unbanned and BE implemented but if they play less than half as good as before then sure they can keep telling us they were false banned. Will just give me a giggle for the day.
  5. Really hope everything goes smoothly for this patch, it's gonna be like trying to get an old engine that hasn't been used in years to start running again so I wouldn't be too upset if a few things still don't work properly.
  6. Guppiez

    Shini's spawn...

    He appears under the highway where he started, this is client side only.