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  1. jk0h

    Constantly Disconnected.

    After joining any instance (District), I get disconnected from the server and sent back to the login screen. This happens within 5 minutes of being connected every time without fail. I am able to run around and interact with the world, no packet loss, for a short while. I have reinstalled the game 10 times, tried it on different drives. I have uninstalled and reinstalled Easy Anti Cheat as well. My Firewall has all APB related files set to allow. I receive no warning that I am losing connection and no error code. It takes a few minutes once I lose connection for the splash screen to load the login screen. I am not having any similar issues in any other games, including games with EAC. I have also tried activating DMZ on my network and forwarding ports related to APB from older posts where players had similar issues. Using a Static IP. Anyone have any thoughts?
  2. I agree with just about everything Virgil said, I would say the most critical needed overhauls and fixed have to be the spawns and missions. Take notes LO, this is what's hurting the game the most.
  3. The rants of a player who shouldn't have a voice.
  4. I support this, Beacon was always a vastly superior map when it came to fragging. Asylum was always less than fun. But at least on beacon I didnt have to walk through 15 hallways to find a bronze walking into a wall. Lets ditch the crappy map and bring back the gold.
  5. If you can't see how broken shotguns are in general right now. You actually have no business ever getting a kill with one.
  6. There are a few people that come to mind, but I've never been one to call anyone out, because you really can never know who is, and isn't breaking TOS. But I'm sure we all have our own suspicions. I'm sure some type of punishment could be given out to players who continue to group with reroll cheaters could be created, but it would be hard to enforce, and as lame as it is, I cant see it justifying a permanent ban. TLDR, yeah it would be nice, but its prolly not gonna happen.
  7. N-Tec 5 Dvah, FBW, and of course the Nulander Pioneer. The N-Tec is a great all around weapon, it can be used in CQC and Mid range, and once you have mastered it, you'll find yourself never missing a shot against players withe the same loadout as you. The Pioneer is great because it can take a decent amount of damage, it gives you a chance to get out of the line of fire, when the entire enemy team spawns 40m from you in the street.
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