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  1. My reply magically vanished without a message from moderators ... Anyway, wanted to say thanks for reassurance, i hope they will bring the game back up to its former visual standard and maybe even surpass it by making use of the new engine's graphical capabilities and hiring professional graphics artists to make new textures
  2. Hey so i got a bunch of questions, and wanna voice my concerns about things i saw in the engine update streams that really worry me. First of all, where do i even find the open beta? is it some separate client i need to download somewhere? or is the open beta not actually open ? Second, the engine upgrade as it looks right now, looks really ugly, missing shaders, harsh shadows, ugly new mismatching textures, no atmospheric fog and ambient world lighting. The old textures were nothing to write home about either but at least they matched each other aesthetically and combined with the shaders and color fog were what gave the game its visual aesthetic appeal. The new textures, while they are higher resolution and shiny, look kinda ugly and out of place, like the new floor in the lobby area of asylum looks like something you would see in a baby's first COD4 zombies mod map and the lack of shaders and atmospheric fog just makes the game look like fallen earth. The only real visual improvement i saw so far is the realistic DOF effect and some lighting in some places as well as the higher texture resolution and materials (that are used to display sub par amateurish looking textures) Is this not the final look of the game and in the future they will improve the visuals or are we going to be stuck with this new look forever? because this feels like a downgrade rather than an upgrade. Also will they bring back atmospheric fog and shaders maybe just give an option to turn it off for people with old computers?
  3. the katana would be cool if it scaled with the character and didnt look disproportionally tiny on male or taller avatars
  4. i stopepd trusting the "vets" when i noticed that none of them can agree on anything and each think he knows better.
  5. The double shotguns on the back looks like a crappier version of the ones Double B has that you are thinking about, it looks like they reused the asset but messed up the positioning or something. the axes look new to me, they just reused the knife shoulder holster straps to attach it to the back, and they used Akiko X's sword but added the missing strap between shoulders of the same knife holster its using. It looks like these assets were custom made for the contact character models and were not really a wearable item so they had to open the models, and copypaste them and turn them into wearable items, they also screwed up the normals on the sword handle, im guessing they lost some edge normal information when copy pasting the models. Also forgot to mention, what is up with those insane prices, no way i am paying 500g1c to get a crappier version of the same thing the contact is wearing when other items of the same kind like the double pistol holster just cost 200g1c at most and for 794g1c you can get a full outfit and a gun.
  6. The 3 new items you guys released, you forgot to rig it to scale with the character, so the axes and the sword end up looking tiny on male and taller characters, please fix this. Also the 3 new items look a bit low effort and like something out o fallen earth and not apb in terms of visual quality.
  7. exactly, the only times i ever see this gun used in the game is by new players or when someone decides to test their might on baylan.
  8. yeah but no one ever asked them to mess with guns like obir or shaw and no one ever asked for a battle royale mode
  9. Its not an issue of manning up, its an issue of there being no point to do it, you got nothing to gain from it and even if you win you dont get that sweet multiplier that you would if you avoided being witnessed, so my proposed change would actually give people the incentive to man up
  10. How is making crims WANT to be witnessed and have a mission against the cops witnessing them, instead of actively avoiding it, making it a safe space? like i said, give better multipliers for doing the mission instead of playing it safe and avoiding it, What do you mean nothing you can do, i literally listed things you ca do and if you go to the suggestion board, theres a whole lot more things they can do and they have been doing some of it, like not allowing to use the mobile cover to glitch items up on unreachable spots for example. If you mean the problem of dickheads playing the game, yes but you can fix the problems with the game itself that allow them to do dickhead things, and again a lot of those problems have been successfully fixed over the years and theres still a bunch that are very fixable. Your explanation was irrelevant because you were (and still are) refusing to see the problems with the game itself and putting all the blame on the people playing it like its just some internet forum. No because you are comparing apples to oranges and because APB forums have community guidelines on how to behave and actual moderation that will remove posts that step over the line, warn the offending accounts and ban them if necessary, unlike the game itself which is the wild west where anyone can do whatever. I understand my argument, but you dont if you see a simple fix like giving a better reward for participating to make people want to be witnessed, making people step out of their cum fart zone instead of playing it safe, as somehow creating a safe space. A straw man is a form of argument and an informal fallacy based on giving the impression of refuting an opponent's argument, while actually refuting an argument that was not presented by that opponent.[1] One who engages in this fallacy is said to be "attacking a straw man". The typical straw man argument creates the illusion of having completely refuted or defeated an opponent's proposition through the covert replacement of it with a different proposition (i.e., "stand up a straw man") and the subsequent refutation of that false argument ("knock down a straw man") instead of the opponent's proposition.[2][3] Straw man arguments have been used throughout history in polemical debate, particularly regarding highly charged emotional subjects. Again, no ones talking about any safe space rules but you, what you are naming as the problem, dickheads, cannot be fixed, but it can be mitigated, second, the game has its own problems that CAN be fixed and that is whats being talked about. A straw man is a form of argument and an informal fallacy based on giving the impression of refuting an opponent's argument, while actually refuting an argument that was not presented by that opponent.[1] One who engages in this fallacy is said to be "attacking a straw man". The typical straw man argument creates the illusion of having completely refuted or defeated an opponent's proposition through the covert replacement of it with a different proposition (i.e., "stand up a straw man") and the subsequent refutation of that false argument ("knock down a straw man") instead of the opponent's proposition.[2][3] Straw man arguments have been used throughout history in polemical debate, particularly regarding highly charged emotional subjects. You know moderation is one of the things both me and many other people suggested as a way to tackle the problem that "cannot be fixed" Yeah you so nice you need to tell everyone that because otherwise they wouldnt know by just interacting with you. V He didnt really need to repeat what i have already stated, but if you missed it than heres an example, running away with the item is rewarding you with a victory, there is even a mission where the item is an armored truck that you literally have to run with. So if i chose to be a dickhead and walk up to you and mug you, dos that mean you chose to be mugged?
  11. whoa hold on there, you were the one calling me twat lol, shouldnt i be the one telling you this? am i somehow more toxic than you to pont out that you are mad at me so much you have to resort to name calling? Also i did say im sorry if i offended you. But you know, i will admit that you are right, i did over exaggerate the title for clickbatey purposes
  12. That is not true, in my original post i said that i cam to the conclusion that this game turns people into assholes, but than i read a bunch of replies from people and it made me change my mind to include people that are already assholes and bring their baggage to the game. Also i just said they develop symptoms of aspd, not the whole disorder, also you dont think that unhealthy environments can cause issues to people's mental health? in general, like school or work place? also not sure if sock puppet account
  13. Dude, what you highlighted in red is a a response to your strawman that i want a "safe space", this is not true and i explained what my actual position. Im not changing my argument, im just responding to the specific thing you are saying. you also probably skipped a lot of the discussion, which i didnt realize at the time and thought you knew all the things i said to clarify some of what i ment in the original post, and went straight to responding to my original post, But ill try to condense it into as little amount of words as possible. Things in APB that are detrimental to the mental health of the people playing it are poorly thought out game mechanics that create crate an unhealthy environment and situations comparable to a toxic workplace or a school. How you may ask? I have listed some of the mechanics and situations this game creates and how it can negatively effect someone. You think that all of this assholish behavior in the game is just baggage people bring with them to the game (which like i said i would agree with you), but you are only half right because the bad game mechanics i mentioned help to facilitate all that baggage and create an unhealthy environment, are you following me now? The facilitation if this baggage and the reward they get for doing bad things gives positive feedback and incentive to keep doing it, solidifying it into someones personality, people on the receiving end can start to learn from example and do it to otehrs too to make them feel better about their own situation or develop unhealthy reflexes to it and lash out in situations where they think that its happening again. Do you not agree that this baggage they brought doesnt mix well with all the bad game mechanics and can create an environment that can negatively effect other people over a period of time, just like it does in other places, such as schools or workplaces, if it happens there, why cant it happen in APB? Also sorry if i have offended you, assuming things about you and being abrasive is just a reflex i developed over the years of using this particular forum.
  14. I dont understand whats there to buff or nerf. the normal NPC cars behave just like what these sort of cars would do normally, it would not make sense to make the taxi drive as fast as the bishada The reason this game sucks in the eyes of everyone who isnt playing it is not because of car balance (they would ned to play it to know anything about that) )but because of how bad the physics and handling are, cars feel like they are gliding, have abysmal acceleration, get snagged on tiniest things and will spin out easily, theres also a noticeable input delay, hopefully all these problems will be fixed by the engine upgrade.
  15. If you understand it, why did you compare it to the "violent videogames cause violence" propaganda and why do you not address the points i made instead of giving your basketball analogy that doesnt make much sense so compare to what the problems im pointing out in APB are. APB is more of a shitty workplace environment where people are put in different positions of power and abuse that power to grab your patootie whenever they want and your boss did not have the foresight to set any rules regarding it. Or a school yard where none of the teachers are keeping an eye on what the kids are doing. Using your own basketball analogy, there are moves in basketball that are against the rules and players get punished for them in the game by judges, in APB however there are rules as well but not a single GM around to punish people for breaking those rules, because they are too busy flaunting their GM tag in stead of keeping an eye on matches. Anyway, stop being so reactionary and listen to whats being said before dismissing it all and saying its fine, it is not fine and ou yourself admit that the game needs to focus on being fun/good game, and in order to do that it needs to figure out what in it is not fun, and i have pointed a few of those things out. Also no one wants to force you to do anything, if you are already a decent person, you got nothing to worry about, if you are already doing the right thing, no ones gonna be captain obvious and tell you to do the right thing that you are already doing, because that is counter productive, but majority of people when given the choice will choose the path of least resistance, be it cheats, exploits, running with items, blocking objectives with cars, being mean fuckers. Im not asking them to create "safe spaces" im asking them to rethink some of the game mechanics a litle better, like give enforcers a good way to make money like crims, make ram raiding and witnessing missions more fun and rewarding than ram raiding itself so people would actively want to be witnessed, giving them a better multiplier if they win, introduce community proposed fixes to the P5/N5 system and disable the ability to get rid of it by killing members of your own faction. these kind of things, why is it so difficult to grasp it without feeling under attack and having these kneejerk reactions, rushing to construct a flimsy strawman and than defeat that strawman to make yourself feel safe again.
  16. With Matt hinting at the possibility of LO adding a new car to the game, what car would you like to see added the most? i think it would be a good idea to let them know so that they wouldn't give us something no one has ever asked for. Also if i forgot to add an important type of a vehicle to the poll, let me know and i will edit it to add it.
  17. I would agree with you but than theres these small things you are willing to overlook which is the mental distressed caused by lets say the ram raiding mechanic (you should have sen how mental the ramraiders were going over their lost 8k in a chat screenshot that mods removed lol) that can negatively effect the people on the receiving end too, making them bitter or even learning by example and bullying others in the game(just like the bullies at school are actually kids who are having it really rough themselves after school), not just the assholes doing it. Than there's also acquired assholish behavior that you will see every mission like people blocking objectives with vry chance they get, trying to preemptively screw over their opposition before the opposition screws them, this kind of learned way of thinking could than possibly carry over to other things in life, as it does with other unhealthy environments. Also to be clear, this is not the same as the "violent games make people violet" nonsense, this is something completely different, this is not simulated violence in a fictional world with rules of its own, we all understand that that stuff isnt real and there for we dont act out on it in reality. The problem that im getting at is that these are real people interacting with other real people and the fact that APB is a videogame is just a coincidence, its simply an unhealthy environment that people are being put into just like the school yard or a workplace.
  18. The only place where closet cheaters and macro kids run around is inside your head.
  19. Yeah my thoughts exactly, dont just flat out remove it, add limitations to it instead, just look at community suggestions, and for death themes, mute button silences offending themes too so no need for a global remove.
  20. Read the rest of what i said, because Matt clearly stated that that NOT ALL shaders may get you banned, stuff like the fog removal shaders are allowed. It wont be clear unless he gives a specific YES or NO answer specifically to the shader dot question. Also, hows Jazzmine doing? havent seen her in a while.
  21. Let me show you my pokemons Heres some really old stuff from 2011 to 2012 Slightly less old stuff from 2013 to 2014 stuff from 2015 to 201? stuff from 2019
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