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  1. Man it still feels so weird to have real developers in charge of this game nowadays. Great job, LO!
  2. The only references I can find to Asylum's History anymore are in this old Wordpress website, and sadly it doesn't make any reference to Red Hill: https://sanparojournal.wordpress.com/tag/abington/
  3. These guys give me some "Umbrella Corporation" vibes.
  4. Akumaka

    WASP Inc [Enforcer]

    We used to do open groups fairly regularly. I believe we even had a day a week dedicated to 2 and 3 man queuing so we'd purposefully pull some random players in to play with us. It would be a great idea to start doing that again!
  5. Akumaka

    WASP Inc [Enforcer]

    Feel free to drop by any time. Recruitment is in full swing at the moment!
  6. Akumaka

    WASP Inc [Enforcer]

    You never know. After BattleEye is implemented you may find yourself up in the Gold bracket.
  7. I've heard a lot of chatter lately about how P/N5 players tend to be disruptive of missions and other game activities, even during the recent Q&A, and that is an entirely fair observation. It's not uncommon to log into a populated district and see 2 to 4 Bounties running around the zone causing havoc. What people may not know, is that P/N5 was a lot less common in RTW APB, and that was due to a Prestige/Notoriety-based Mission System that was removed when the game relaunched into APB: Reloaded. They were called APB Missions - yes, they were literally named along with the game. The following is purely through my own recollection, but it was a long time ago so any older players can feel free to correct me if I get any of it wrong. Here is how the system worked: At P/N3, you would begin to have a chance to be pulled into a short, 1-stage kill mission called an "APB." This could happen whether you were "Ready" (K'd up) or not. A big "APB" logo with flashing lights would appear on your screen, and a player or players from the opposing faction who were queued for a mission would be placed against you and you would duke it out until you won or lost. Backup could still be called, if you wanted, but I recall people got annoyed if they got called in to one of these short one-stage missions. At the end of the mission, if you won, you would maintain or more likely increase your Prestige/Notoriety. If you lost, your Prestige/Notoriety level would be reset back to 0. Once you hit P/N4, the chances of being pulled into an "APB" were higher. At P/N5 they were higher yet again, but with the additional challenge of having a free for all Bounty on your head just like we have today. The end result, relevant to recent complaints, was far fewer P/N5s running around. It was harder to get, and it was much more of an accomplishment to do so. The Prestige/Notoriety system used to be so much more a part of the game than the current system, where it's just used for rewards multiplication and bounties. I would love to see it put back into the game, especially as it was once such a core feature.
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