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  1. Which games are you playing my friends? I miss your rectum sometimes.
  2. I'm confident if Nysekjesus tell it, LO will do it.
  3. I respect the choice of those who do PvE and RP so respect those who do PvP. If FE is not a PvP game then it is neither a PvE or RP game. Who are you to decide? More tastes are in the game better it is. This game offered a unique combat experience, that boxing fight feel with pistols. It is often those who have lack of openness who give lessons, and are unfortunately most often heard. When I hear that we should only have the arena of balanced or be reduced to play shotgun you don't understand anything. You close the door to open world and variety of gameplay it's the worst thing. The arenas can be just as unbalanced as the open world. It is not only a question of numbers but of who is fighting, where and why. Turning in an arena is cool 5 minutes. And what is better to win a fight lost in advance? Also that the difference between a male and female toon is not huge is that you really haven't fought and played the game and you can stay mediocre for years. There is a huge difference, maybe 30% also accentued by the ping and the fact that you don't one or two shot. (Probably why this guy talked about the shotgun) You need a string of successful shot with pistols. We should not be reduced to play what is efficient but what we like while having all our chances. I understand that a lot of people don't like "The Division" solution, it's not even my favourite but it's not that shocking when you play it (far less than the picture) and you don't even notice it right away. There remains the "APB" solution. The disadvantage comes more from the width of the hitbox than from the height.
  4. This is the case in The Division. A good option.
  5. Thanks for highlighting this game mechanic. Never surrender and keep calm is the key to progress even it's even more easy to talk than doing it. I will deal with the most toxics and i will send you power Grandma even if you will be a big man and me a small girl :)
  6. Nice update, thanks for taking time for us. Don't forget to balance hitbox between male and female like in APB
  7. In my opinion, that is prolly more the players that passed the torch than the staying power name.
  8. Thanks for all this informations and screenshots, hope the combat system will be interesting and balanced.
  9. Thx for relaying. It seems they don't care about us anymore, they bet on the release with a lot of new players... Even the message he posted to you would be enough for me and it took him 5 mins.
  10. Indeed after 2 months some news would be welcome...
  11. Matt explained where is the challenge, they have to change the infrastructure of the game. Once you have one sector, making more sectors is a child's play. True they are working on it since 17 months but we don't know how many people are working on it and their skills. We just know it's a gas plant. Remember they lost time and money with the last event for the pleasure of the fans, they were not forced to do it. I'm not sure many companies would have done it nowadays. Now we just have to wait the next Matt's news. And who the fuck disliked my previously post? Each times you do this a dog or a cat is passed away, it could be yours. You do not have conscience? Stop dislikes to save animals, my bumper's paint and my money, here the Karcher is not free.
  12. Bad comparison, you even missed the morality of this story from Esope.
  13. It isn't my goal but i'm realistic front of the facts. I don't understand what you mean but ok.
  14. You are too far in the future buddy. Maybe this question won't have to exist...
  15. You don't know how work a game, right? No they don't have, otherwise Matt would have posted more news on the progress. 1 map or 2 map it doesn't matter, it's all the rest that takes time to set up.
  16. Your event seems to be better, but not sure it is enough for me to re-install, i expected something new... Also the event of Ella look better. You guys are organizing it by your own (all in your honor), But with LO help it could be far better. For exemple this race could be structured with real start, visual checkpoints and finishing line and why not some ramp and broken bridge (there is probably one in the wasteland). Also your event: with GM they could spawn 2 bosses in the same time if only one is too easy (depending on the number of players). They could even mix bosses and why not set free Dome bosses in the open world. Or we could simply all meet in a place like citadel and shoot waves of mob and bosses... I remember a night, we were so many on the big rock while we were shooting the Earthwalker before we knew the strat. With the community ideas and GM/Devs we could have a real great event insteed of repeatable quest.
  17. If i understand the event is few repeatable quest? I expected an evening with GM, they could use commands for fun.
  18. Why again? At least if you are going to do nothing LO, you could give to some of us GM commands and we will bury this FE server an once and for all.
  19. I was wondering if i will re-install but this is the 22 and we don't even know the time (work next day). Why not doing it the 21, this is saturday ?
  20. I've read some people and i think FE can be revived with a new engine and a re-launch on Steam as F2P with a suffix. But they really have to be ready for the re-launch. Previous staff failed when FE became F2P and they failed again when it came on Steam. Like someone said, they made changes nodoby asked. Instead of balancing the combat system they changed everything (impossible to balance it). Probably everybody complained about the GORE patch, when you do a wrong patch (even if it's hard to admit it) it's better to remove it (even if it costed money). But Matt this game is gold in bar and is unique this is why you have PVE, PVP, RP players still around since so many years. Some of you will hate me for saying that but maybe they should close the server because ofcourse with the actual state of the game they won't improve it and won't make enough money. It could be accelerate the processus if they stop to waste energy on this old FE and focus on the future of the game. I'm aware that i have abandonned the game and had a new hope when LO buyed it and announced the new engine, but some players are still enjoying it. Boxing with pistols if not for tomorrow but good luck and thanks for these infos.
  21. Feminist everywhere... Reminder as males full of testosterone we were forced to play a small girl with pink pistols Doing something on Hitbox is probably most important in phase of coding (sames for males and females like APB). I guess skin/outfit is not their main focus atm and will be added in the futur (cosmetics on the marketplace is always a good thing). First, we need a game playable, attractive, balanced and secured. This is why you are our lovely FE granny
  22. Well done Einstein, Stabba is a non-lethal weapon from APB and the shotgun was OP few years ago, seems to be always the case.
  23. What is your problem with colors? What would look like the forum if everybody abuse like that?
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