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  1. I've read some people and i think FE can be revived with a new engine and a re-launch on Steam as F2P with a suffix. But they really have to be ready for the re-launch. Previous staff failed when FE became F2P and they failed again when it came on Steam. Like someone said, they made changes nodoby asked. Instead of balancing the combat system they changed everything (impossible to balance it). Probably everybody complained about the GORE patch, when you do a wrong patch (even if it's hard to admit it) it's better to remove it (even if it costed money). But Matt this game is gold in bar and is unique this is why you have PVE, PVP, RP players still around since so many years. Some of you will hate me for saying that but maybe they should close the server because ofcourse with the actual state of the game they won't improve it and won't make enough money. It could be accelerate the processus if they stop to waste energy on this old FE and focus on the future of the game. I'm aware that i have abandonned the game and had a new hope when LO buyed it and announced the new engine, but some players are still enjoying it. Boxing with pistols if not for tomorrow but good luck and thanks for these infos.
  2. Feminist everywhere... Reminder as males full of testosterone we were forced to play a small girl with pink pistols Doing something on Hitbox is probably most important in phase of coding (sames for males and females like APB). I guess skin/outfit is not their main focus atm and will be added in the futur (cosmetics on the marketplace is always a good thing). First, we need a game playable, attractive, balanced and secured. This is why you are our lovely FE granny
  3. Well done Einstein, Stabba is a non-lethal weapon from APB and the shotgun was OP few years ago, seems to be always the case.
  4. What is your problem with colors? What would look like the forum if everybody abuse like that?
  5. I haven't logged for years too, are you sure because if i understood Matt said they lost the 2 last week...
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