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  1. You can't compare an Archeage fresh start to a Fallen Earth one. Fresh start on Archeage is the last way TRINO have to make money with their cashshop updates. They don't care about players. TRINO is from far the worst company i've ever seen. They shouldn't be able to work on video games, it's an insult to players and people who would have liked to work on videos games like me. It's a mess. Archeage is a constantly race to get stuffed, on fresh start you mainly have new players, comeback players (who gave up their old account a long time ago) and some fulltime players / P2W who play also on legacy servers. Archeage fresh start servers get empty very quickly. After 4 years the gap between new and old players is too important, even with the planned obsolescence of the stuff. It is pretty easy to get stuffed on Fallen Earth compared to Archeage and it's a good thing. They are so desperate that recently they have completely changed the combat system (like G1 did) and we still have an unbalanced game. In my opinion a Fallen Earth restart could only be benefic if it solve technical problems. Otherwise it will be worse than good.
  2. Hard to find a viable solution... In the past, some veterans even made low level alt to shunt the debuff. We know a lvl 35 veteran is far superior to a lvl 35 beginner. It resulted as no one pvp zone available for beginners.
  3. Kishoot

    MattScott Q&A Sep 8th Overview

    Thank you a lot Hella Ella for the written english, far easiest.
  4. Kishoot

    Q&A stream with Matt Scott and Nysek

    How many people are working on FE and their roles?
  5. Kishoot

    Q&A stream with Matt Scott and Nysek

    Sadly this is true.
  6. Kishoot

    State of the Game 08/12/2018

    If new engine, i will re-install. Doesn't matter, FE2, FE Reloaded or what else.
  7. Kishoot

    State of the Game 08/12/2018

    Not exactly possible and would easily be circumvented. What is possible is making crosshair scale with resolution. I'd propose the size of the crosshair in 1920x1080 and the size of the reticle in 2560x1440. If you say so.
  8. Kishoot

    State of the Game 08/12/2018

    Simply remove the 2 or 3 lowest resolutions or at least the lowest. Who is playing in 800x600 in 2018 if it's not to exploit?
  9. Kishoot

    Crosshair and Radar Mod

    Nice, Is the sight is still on the HP bar picture? I mean if i move the HP bar, the sight will move too?
  10. Kishoot


    She was, so much tears on old forum and steam. You were VAC banned if i remember right.
  11. Kishoot

    Fallen Earths Potential

    Hello Prometheus, We can blame G1 for some things but not for "the cash generator". At least on FE. I got everything i needed without credit card. They were far from greedy like TRION and Korean shit. As PvPer, i only did PvE to lvl-up and get some stuff but i agree on the fact than the PvE is really important because a big part of the MMO community is here for this, even RP. And yes, the PvE is really poor in them of content and quality on FE. All tastes are in nature and this kind of game is open to everyone. Sorry for my engrish my lately english is limited to tell some words in PUBG cargo to wake up people.
  12. Hello my dear buddy, I hope everything is ok for you and take care about yourself and yours. I also hope you stopped to eat paint chips on a regular basis, love you too I remember Vari told me he liked you a lot.
  13. Nothing seems to have changed since the last 4 years in term of PvP. I'm not critiquing your video, just the actual state of the game. Little Orbit, you have so much work to repair this game and make it attractive again. I count on you. PS: I see French Connection still have kinky fanboys