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  1. put that money into something more worthwhile, like a big ol murican' cheeseburger.
  2. Did the rats that power the servers think of this event too?
  3. "10 years ago" My guy that was under different owners. This games been ran through like a high school senior.
  4. I find it hilarious that the joker ammo box audio issue has been present since the 1.3 update went into open beta. You have had all this time and have not fixed it. You had the entire open beta week to fix it. What even was the point of that open beta if all those brought up issues havent been touched on yet. Instead, you change Asylum lighting and stiffen the suspension of the RWD vegas. Not even the 4x4 which everyone uses anyways. Rushed update, and they don't even care to fix or change proper issues that have been present since the beginning. Classic LO.
  5. Contact support. Контактная поддержка.
  6. APB is like a drug. No matter how hard you try to leave, you always get sucked back in. In all seriousness though, it's been so long since ive seen multiple full districts in NA. Brings back memories. If you can tolerate the toxic enviornment and horrid matchmaking, I'd say yes. Grab some friends, and have some fun.
  7. Small claims court would do nothing lol. You can't sue LO for the ban, or anything really. LO pretty much (for lack of better term), "owns our accounts". It's essentially what you agreed to when you signed up for APB. They have the right to ban, or do anything to anyone's account without any stated or valid reason. As for the main topic of the post, you acknowledged you were wrong for what you did and did not continue the behavior. I see other members arent as smart to realize that the symbol you made was not the main point of the post. My best suggestion, like what Sergis said, contact support again. If they cant do anything, you're just SOL.
  8. implementing phone numbers wouldnt catch cheaters... it would do absolutely nothing.
  9. Bad update, Norseman were not buffed!!! (I love it, FPS is so much better)
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