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  1. I have a very hard time understanding what you just said, but... yeah, unsolicited virtual sexual harassment of car spawns shouldn't be allowed.
  2. Hah. You don't even want to know how bad it was in 2011, with that old threat system.
  3. When will you people realize that competitive games with rankings and such will always have banana stroking closets? Just look at CS:GO.
  4. IIRC there's a rare random activity for Justin Teng/mirror contact for crims which requires you to get a 5 missions win streak, Completing it awards you one of the Nanos Kevkof mentioned, excluding Connoisseur, of course.
  5. Hexerin, maybe you should take APB way less seriously and play something else. You might have a heart attack if you keep complaining.
  6. While you are absolutely correct (I also have to play with settings like that, at 1024x768 resolution, though a 10 years old Xeon and Radeon HD7770 should definitely run the UE3 game just fine - Tera works great, for example), there are actually some nerds who use configs to be a "pro g4m3r". Those usually also tend to use macros and triggerbots.
  7. Wow, someone actually managed to reupload my old video from 2011. Big respect to this guy.
  8. How dare this guy call my precious APB P2W!!!1 I will... I will... Yes, that's it! I will DAB on that ugly hater! Yeah! Jokes aside, who frickin cares. What is and isn't P2W is what you decide for yourself.
  9. Good stuff my dude, I don't see any hacks unlike what some haters think.
  10. Sorry, I didn't know you had such a huge Waterfront depopulation on Jericho. But then again, maybe most of Jericho players are stuck on leveling Financial contacts.
  11. You probably had the same issue as me, when you want to level, say, Justin Teng, but your friend wants to level up, for example, Orlenz Moretti. Your only option was to just deal with that. So why not get rid of that, Little Orbit? Just let us pledge to any contact from any action district in the character menu. That way people will have freedom of playing on the district they like to play on and ease up the painful grind, to some extent.
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