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  1. 450,000 Bullets Made, and more on the way as we speak. The following will be the pricing per 1000 rounds at the event location at my vendor tent. 1000 Light Pistol Ammo - 7 Blue 1000 Medium Pistol Ammo - 7 Blue 1000 Heavy Pistol Ammo - 7 Blue This Pattern Continues Through Rifle Ammo, Same Break Down per 1000 Rounds LOL.
  2. Weirdly I just met Hooli in game, in The District on my noobiest character before server maintenance shutdown. In Honor of the Crafter's Market Tradition, I will be arriving fashionably late to the market with a half million bullets. These will be for sale slightly above creation cost and way under AH pricing. Hope to see you all there! Lady Death
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