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  1. I'm fully aware Wardrobe Slots were added to the marketplace Merchants a while back. Thank you Dev's for that. However, the wardrobe slots are, only semi useful, without invisible armours to back them up. Not going to waste over 5 minutes on an essay for something that speaks for itself. Please add invisible armour slots to the same merchants. (There is very little to do on Fallen Earth aside from Look Good once you got the gear so, add this and I'll actually give Fallen Earth more thought than a bi-monthly 10 minute check.)
  2. Removing Auction, mail, for another topic really. Could make an interesting dynamic everyone had to literally travel across the map to trade goods. But it wouldnt be the same fallen earth. Maybe something for a more survival based game.
  3. While you're at it, just disable mounts, vehicles, auction house, clans...maybe just disable crafting.... (Please don't take this serious)
  4. Was crafting components for two GA-10 Service Pistols before the server outage hit, I finished the craft for a steel short medium barrel and had another barrel, the auto actions and the grips on queue, apon returning the ingredients have been taken, but the queue is cleared. Unfortunately I can't really provide a reliable proof screenshot, but I feel my description is clear enough.
  5. Not backing up the negativity, but this isn't the new relaunch that Rioha speaks of. We have classic Fallen Earth right now, as it was before the shutdown, the new relaunch is going to be a new engine with improvements. You are speaking of Classic Fallen Earth as if its a new product. This is Matt giving us the opportunity to play around with Fallen Earth, as it was, while we wait for the Relaunch.
  6. It was relaunched about 3 days ago....expect hic-up's.
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