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  1. Stop removing Asylum all the time. Every year I quit APB for three weeks because of the stupid Christmas events where I'm forced to play with weapons that aren't fun. I'm not even going to touch this one, especially since I can just buy the rewards later. Remove Baylan and not Asylum for once. Can't even relax at home playing APB anymore. I'm so fed up really. Not that anyone cares.
  2. Asylum gone. Holidays ruined. Thank you LO.
  3. I have been playing for 6 years, never experienced FPS drops or stutters at all, always have been playing on max settings. I last played on 3rd November and was doing the Halloween event, everything was fine then. I was away for some days. Yesterday I logged in again, the launcher patched out the Halloween event. Now my FPS drop from 62 to 42 every 10-20 seconds and I stutter then. This ruins my kills. There were no such issues after the Halloween event was patched out the previous years. Needless to say, nothing to my PC was changed. So, what did they break and when will it be fixed? Edit: The wednesday patch changed it to a short stutter every 60 seconds. This is better, but still very annoying.
  4. Cynisca

    framerate issue

    I was on vacation for about two weeks. Prior to it I had absolutely no FPS drops. I come back and my FPS drop from 62 to 42 every about 10-20 seconds. So I'm not the only one? Was there some patch or something?
  5. I wanted to login casually, expecting it to be fixed, turns out it's not fixed. Even yesterday I figured they would fix it within an hour or two, what a joke.
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