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  1. Jmonkey

    framerate issue

    After reinstalling, just using normal launcher, medium settings, and smooth freerate and vsync off, I was getting good fps. This was also just after the Halloween event had ended, so that might have been a factor. Main menu was smooth and fps was 90 idle and 40-60 in combat for 2 nights in a row. Tonight was a little janky for some reason, but still playable
  2. Jmonkey

    framerate issue

    Surprised APB is such a spec heavy game. I used to run it on a lot older hardware. Seems odd when my PC can handle a lot more intensive games too
  3. Jmonkey

    framerate issue

    My fps idles around 40 and hits 10-30 while driving or in combat. Going from high settings to low didn't make a difference. Even the game's main menu lags. I tried using the advanced launcher, but that didn't help either and actually caused more problems. Like before I get pick my initial spawn point, the screen is half dark with jibberish text, and a tutorial testing text message. Another time, Anti-cheat kicked me out even before that screen saying authentication timed out. My latency is usually 15-30 Specs are, Windows 7 64-bit AMD FX 4100 3.6 Ghz Nvidia GTX 750 ti 16gb ram
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