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  1. its actually because the current UE utilizes the CPU for much more than it should, even simply offloading physics calculations to the GPU like its supposed to be would tremendously increase minimum and maximum framerates and thats just one aspect that could change. multi thread capability? the list could go on. my 4.8ghz i7 5820k, 32gb 3800mhz ram & gtx 1080 ti nets me a minimum ~100 avg ~125 max 144.
  2. ^ my thoughts exactly. you vermin are not touching my CBT title i've been running around with for almost a decade. If it bothers you some people have been around before since the release of the game then you can suck it. call me a cheater if you want, that title comes with knowing the districts and guns like the back of my hand. this in itself is a testament to why you don't deserve it, whiny little millennial ill take you on any time so come at me.
  3. a lot of the replies in here trash talking the 3.5 changes are laughable. this is technically an alpha state still work in progress and matt has even indicated any post processing and lighting effects are not integrated yet. as far as i see this thread its a tremendous step in the right direction, the improvements are night and day different even in an incomplete state. Rendering distance, textures, colors/hue in environment, shadows, general realism even with half the features enabled is hugely improved. personally i would play this over live even in its alpha like state and performance gains are always welcome not that i have issues with how its currently. i play at either 5760x1080 @ 144hz or 4K @ 60hz, 1080p by today's standards is pretty entry tier but is certainly understandable not everybody owns a 1080Ti to drive these frame rates high enough.
  4. i don't think you understood the implication behind my message nor the RTW interface directly below it. good job.
  5. i have been playing since before my G1 account creation date, am i a hacker too?
  6. i suppose this answers my question lol. just tried to log into the OTW client and supposedly i cannot log in.
  7. as far as APB is concerned yes, any UI is confined to the center monitor. an example could be lets say there is an enemy to the left of me or a team mate even ( red name / green name over their head ) if it's on my left or right monitor there is no name tag but as soon as it pans into my middle monitor it is displayed. personally i prefer this in APB as tracking missions markers directions especially would be troublesome if it were one side to the other. most other games i could play would allow any/all UI to be displayed fully across all 3 monitors however which is preferred in their cases. that being said though if i catch someone going to flank me from a side monitor i still turn to them and deal regardless if i see a name tag or not, overall experience is great.
  8. its actually by design as per nvidia surround. I have three 1080p monitors spanned to create one ultrawide resolution, essentially i am sitting in front 50 inches worth of curved monitors. the idea is that your primary focus is on the center display and the left and right displays are peripheral vision which adds to overall immersion experience. Game UI typically stays in the middle display which is ideal for APB but other games allow you to move UI around. the idea is that the important UI is in direct view whereas other UI could be in peripheral view.
  9. old video but gets the point of what ultrawide gaming is about. i suppose the way i play the game would blow some minds then. this is 48:9 aspect ratio or 5760x1080 resolution, i am so used to playing the game this way that i can't go back to playing with just a single display lol. to put this in perspective for those who don't know what they're looking at; if you have a single 1080p monitor you see only the center of this video, edge to edge of the user interface and nothing further.
  10. which is why my argument is stating that apb can utilize newer faster hardware. even my laptop with an i7 8750H @ 4ghz & gtx 1070 can maintain 120 fps without breaking a sweat.
  11. my i7 5820k @4.8ghz & 1080Ti would beg to differ as i operate at 5760x1080 nvidia surround resolution @ 120hz and under no circumstances do i drop below 120 fps.
  12. i have actually been gaming this way the last decade. it's especially nice to be able to see around buildings, uploaded ages ago to demonstrate my field of view to the hackusaters. Personally with an i7 5820k @ 4.8ghz, 32gb ram, gtx 1080ti & on a NVMe drive my frame rate never drops below 120 which is my refresh rate.
  13. even if its just the emblems I've been saying this for years.
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