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  1. guys, this game starts year and ends year and it remains the same, give up, free yourself slaves haha
  2. I don't see you Brazilians still wanting to insist on this game, it's over.
  3. ''I can't lose half the player base'' with an answer like that, so we know there will be no punishment for cheaters. then I ask, because only this company does this with cheaters, then I ask, because only this company does this with cheaters and toxics, after they are banned they are unbanned, Money is the reason! this game is still standing today with corruption.
  4. I only know that cheaters managed to kill the silver server, there is only 1 in the active Citadel, Nobody likes to catch a group of cheaters against it's too ridiculous to play, as long as you have GM playing Cheater and defending them with teeth, this game will never go forward, it will only keep the same amount of players, because in a short time anyone notices what happens under the table haha, so good people don't stay in this game for long.
  5. server unification needs to be done before the engine, otherwise the Citadel will end by the end of the year.
  6. The owner of the game wants the end of the APB, just wait like me for them to announce the closing of the servers
  7. LO has to be more sensitive to the community I notice that they don't care about us :v
  8. Jericho has no more active players, it has reached its end. In this American server, people from other countries such as Costa Rica, Argentina, Brazil, Mexico were also playing. and most of them stopped playing because of High Latency in Europe, I want to know how that will turn out! Will the Game only exist in Europe? Before this Engine you could unify everyone soon.
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