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  1. Oh I have been accused of cheating a lot over the years. But it was typically by cheaters who were caught in the act. I have also had cheaters whisper me and and ask how was I beating their cheats. Which is easy if you under stand the maps, game play, weapons and actual strategy of the game. It all come down to what I I always whisper to them. Remember that bots can not do objectives, that is why you lost again.
  2. Thank you, that made me laugh so hard I almost peed myself. So is "talented" what the cool kids are calling botters and cheats now days? But you are right, there is a 70/40 chance you will also get a "Talented" player on your team also. and yes I said 70/40 on purpose. if you do not get the reference, you do not play enough other games.
  3. Nope, I think you are confusing non-hack cheats with hackusations. Of cheaters less than 5% are hacking, the rest are botting, exploiting, greefing, and dethreating. Try and remember that cheating has many forms and all should be reported not just the occasional hacker. I have seen a team member block the target, take it and run from the target, shoot his team, ram the teams cars, etc... all to help the enemy. This type of cheating gets reported way more than hackers. Yet the ones doing it will cry that the reporter is hackusating, because they can not understand that there are other ways of cheating other than hacks. Merged. Great idea, but first lean what all cheating in APB is. In the 11 years I have played APB I have only seen one false accusation, and that was from a teammate too an enemy. Once I pointed out hat it was a OP weapon which you could gamble and buy (if you spent enough real world cash) he realized the enemy was not cheating. Every other accusation was that the cheaters were doing non-hack cheats with was true. The problem is that most cheats do not know they are cheating, because they have seen so many people cheat that they think it is acceptable.
  4. I did not mean to imply that it was limited to the old engine. Again a new modern engine could as I stated here: "There are a lot of games that come close and use 1 of the three, but none have figured out that is the combination that makes the APB enjoyable."
  5. Right there is the problem, most vets have quit the game. Since you can no longer point out the cheaters the best you can do is beat them then do a district text "Remember people, bots can not do objectives for you" The cheaters quit after you beat them 1 or 2 more times and the server dies. It is actually easy to beat cheats as the game is not about killing it is about doing the objectives. The problem is the once you beat a few of them they all DC and the server dies. Bringing vets will not help as we played the same 2 (and 1/2) maps for ten years and nothing has been added. Even the new engine will not add a new map, it will only make the game prettier, but I remember back playing RTW-CB with the weather on, and that was beautiful.
  6. See you are saying that likes a bad thing. If APB did become abandon ware then yes you will see a lot of servers, but they will all have restrictions. Especially on weapons' and mods. What you will not see more than once is cheaters, as whomever is hosting the server will be swinging the ban hammer liberally. Also if a cheater were to try and host a server that allowed cheating, it would die from lack of players in a week. The problem right now is that LO is afraid of banning cheaters. However if it was your server, you would ban them as fast as you saw them. For the non-hack cheaters, three (3) strikes and your out and on a public ban list. LO may want to spare the feeling of cheaters, I say not only broadcast it on district chat like the used to but have a page of shame again. And on a private server, you could. The main thing is having access to the assets, remapping to modern skins would take very little time. There is nothing wrong with the current animations so those could easily be tweaked if necessary. the rest of the code. well instead of keeping it in unreal I would look at making it a TC in the dew drop engine. But that's just me. If they did APB as abandon ware you have access to everything.
  7. and there you have it. as to upgrading to U4/5 , as some one said, APB 2 would not feel like APB. Would it be better or worse, that is the real question . Keep in mind that what makes APB the game it is, is the customization, the single hit table (no X-dmg to body parts). and the individual ready ques. It is these 3 items that sets APB apart. There are a lot of games that come close and use 1 of the three, but none have figured out that is the combination that makes the APB enjoyable. Could APB 2 be made using a modern engine. Technically (legal issues aside) APB 2 could be made in 3 years, from scratch. 2 years if the reuse the existing models as a base.. Could LO make APB 2? No, they do not have the capability to create a game. There is a big difference between recoding an existing game and actually creating assets for a new one.
  8. The bottom line is, the only way to ever stop the cheaters is to have GMs (with the power to temp ban) in game and have the /report system tag them as soon as it is submitted so that the GM can instantly jump to and observe the /reported player.
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