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  1. Has anyone mentioned that the clothing is in the preset clothing selection menu in the purple kiosk? It doesn't come in your mailbox.
  2. So besides merging the pop to 1 world server. The ping situation will stay the same. Unless that's really the only point to it. Merging pop because the game is dead.
  3. The game is down regardless. Started at 9am UTC and will be up at 1pm UTC. Its only 11:30am UTC. Hour and a half to go.
  4. Seems fixed with recent server restart etc.
  5. Oh ok. Sorry. My mistake.
  6. It is in the appropriate section. PC bugs. How is it wrong?
  7. After the recent down time today my ms has gone from around 220 to 290. Also I have 1 to 2 packet loss. It seems it is only with the game as all testing of my internet connection I have done tells me its fine. APB was fine prior to this down time. Now it is very bad.
  8. Is anyone else getting packet loss and higher ms on Jericho? My ms has 100ms higher than normal and packet loss is 1 to 2. Confirmed not my internet because ping and speed tests prove to be fine. Was fine before this recent network change/ hardware move or what ever.
  9. Yeah which will make it even worse. Put it back where it was before it turned to sh1t. Singapore was a happy medium. I had 90ms. Was ok. Now its 160. The pop will return if we can get some aussie players back in with the lower ms. Jericho is like 220 to 260 ms. No thanks.
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