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  1. Totally, if we look for realism, there is a lot of work to do. Even before addin bikes so, Just like @CihyKonspirator said, It can be faster then some cars, less hp, easy drive, fraigle, max 2 ppl, one wheel drive, and ofc looks amazing with this game. It will bring unique touch to the game. But still i am thinking same with i wrote in very this post. Release did not come yet so.
  2. Also Colby .45 AP This is really cool seconday but range. is insane. it has so much range regarding to other secondaries, Really need range/fire speed balance on it.
  3. Ernosto

    Pop shooting

    totally agree with you dear, it should not be easy like what, unfair advantage
  4. Hi, Images are pretty cool and looks like cs:go crosshair. Thx for your efford. About idea, game totally need that i think, also with this way ppl will not look for shaders anymore. -Velanora
  5. Hi, One of coolest idea, max 2 ppl on it and let's rock on streets. At the sametime; Engine Upgrade that they decided ages ago still not released, so asking a motobike? it's pretty dream aswell.
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