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  1. Some samples of the stuff i make Shout out to the original artist of these images, CSLucaris!!! - Alyxsia (NA)
  2. remember those daily armas missions yeah we need those,i remember 1 mission where you had to kill 10 or so teamates to get a reward lol
  3. I submitted my ticket Fri, Oct 25, 4:19 PM (2 days ago), do i need to send another ticket or wait for my original ticket's approval.
  4. Thanks for the response,i am new to the forums as you can see,so what category on here should i look for in case they announce it.
  5. So what do if i did destroy em,how am i supposed to get my rewards?
  6. Aparently they fixed this. Even though i still have missing pumpkins and it says nearest pumpkin at nowhere lol. https://imgur.com/svBb1DQ
  7. I have encountered a glitch with pumpkins when i smashed pumpkins in event districts,resulting in a bug to roll menu,and me not getting the 2nd reward from red pumpkins. I am aware of this glitch being posted before but i want to put it out there as well. -Alyxsia(NA) / 1 weeb boi
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