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  1. I wasn't able to login. Sometimes code 8 or 10007 or 11004 on login, sometimes I just wasn't able to join with character. Sad that I haven't tested new engine
  2. Please nerf everything. Let's play just with stun grenades. P.s. Thx to guys like this one. After their cries we've lost jumping scouts, n-hvr now sucks but NOT PSR OK. Nice try.
  3. Can't understand why anybody cries about 'hitreg' As for me apb has one of the best lulz. (Despite of 30 fps on server side) But I've noticed that I see more players with high ping. Sometimes when I was logining I was getting 150-200ms instead of 30-50ms and after restart of apb latency became normal again. Some of my friends had this issue too.
  4. He was zooming mailboxes not on the lowest settings but on console version xd. This is how it looks like on it. I use minimal settings aswell on pc because even on 'low' apb is not able to handle even 90fps stable and for people who have 144hz+ monitors that's not good. P.s. 'I AM PERMANENT GOLD' made my day xddddd
  5. If you need any assets from apb versions 0.6, 1.1.0, 1.4.3 or 1.9.1 let me know. I can send you all those clients. Also it's possible to export buildings from 'districts' in version 0.6
  6. Can't send second message because forum says that my inbox is full but it only has one conversation with the @Sakebee xDDDD
  7. Looks pathetic when you ban people for using a launcher which not provides wh/aim/norec/trigger/radar or anything else but you are not able to ban even a pixel triggerbot hehe.
  8. Russians weren't a devs. They were just hosting the standalone apb for russians with some additional configs agreed with G1. Russians weren't allowed to modify the game by themselves. They haven't shutdown any part of their company they just got rid from non profit game. And I think that's obvious that they are not allowed to do anything with apb after shut down.
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