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  1. Then to implement some kind of system that allows GM's/Admins to directly spectate from the player's field of view (Like in some shooter games when you die and spectate your friends and see their corsair movement.) Record 'obvious' cheating, like when the aim snaps, and ban them with presented evidence. Though giving volunteers banning powers seems really wrong and risky, perhaps a detention kind of thing then? Like a one day ban, or until an Admin can review. Cause sometimes 1 or 2 cheaters in a team can go on a rampage and nobody can stop them, the time it takes for an action to actually happen the cheaters will have long moved on and been satisfied with the damage they've done. There's nothing wrong with paid weapons, it is a part of the game, it helps the game, unlike cheats that only helps the developers of the cheats. In the end of the day, it just seems like the only solution will be to pay admins to chase cheaters, which feels like will never happen. A waste of money really, would be much easier to spend that money on an automatic algorithm to detect and ban. But these things just, almost never fully work, and are always countered by the cheats developers. So instead of giving counter arguments, start bringing solutions. Cause this cheating problem in APB has been since years. The time and effort it takes to ban a cheater, and then they make a new account in a few minutes, and the cycle goes on and on. Cheaters are stopped for a few minutes and that's that.
  2. And who needs to vote for that, the team leader? (..)
  3. Is there a way then to vote-kick a leader or vote for a new leader if they are the ones team killing?
  4. So I've seen players(group leaders) baiting their teammates into killing them and then kicking them. I notice it usually happens to me when I'm against a large group of low level players and the group leader is a high level. I thought perhaps they do that to "farm" kills by themselves. Is it okay?
  5. I think it's just built into the system against afk'ing, problem's that there isn't one against de-threating, probably being much more difficult and less accurate to build.
  6. I think to remove muzzle flash has to do more than editing a config file, I may be wrong though.
  7. If it's within the game and anyone can have access to it then it should be fair. Like premium weapons, although they give an advantage, it is a part of the game and anyone can buy them. But going into your config and changing things which can't be done in-game? Idk. ..What about vehicle explosion? Smoke from 'nades?
  8. What next, removing/reducing muzzle flash?
  9. Faceless


    Actually I made a mistake, I meant silver district. It's just where all the gold players are, and cheaters too.
  10. I hope so too. I think they should start HWID banning, it would stop casual cheaters. I read it's not possible to change it entirely but only to spoof it, which is also a lot of trouble. And if you think about it profit-wise, it will only help the game progress. Currently I imagine cheaters are paying monthly for cheats, they don't support the game. While those who pay monthly for the game only lose interest in paying again because cheaters aren't dealt with. If cheating will be dealt with in a much harsher way, those who bought cheats might actually decide to invest in premium weapons instead, a win/win situation.
  11. Hello, I know there is volunteering to help the community and GM's, but it seems to come with many responsibilities and time consuming manner. I have a suggestion to have a volunteering team solely to monitor cheaters and nothing else, as cheaters seem to be a big issue and downside to the game. I can somewhat understand why volunteering is closed right now, as it probably takes time and practice to train a new volunteer on all the different roles they do, therefore I offer a split department or team to work on cheaters only. It should give the volunteers and GM's more space and freedom, as the volunteers won't be peering through every single report and complaint and only focus on cheaters. While GM's won't need to train them on all topics, like bug management, harassment, etc. Please consider this. Thank you for reading!
  12. Faceless


    I just entered a gold server and two low level cheaters are dominating 2v3 with pistols. Why is volunteering closed by the way?
  13. Faceless


    Most cheaters I encounter aren't aimbotters or speedhackers, that's much rarer. Most use wall-hack or radar hack which is very difficult and time consuming to prove..
  14. Thank you for the reply! I'm now aware of the role of GM's, it must be a difficult one at that. I still think that IP/HWID stands, although it is possible to change the regular cheater player base will probably will not go into the trouble of doing that. It should cut off the number of them significantly.
  15. Faceless


    There can be an option for players whom were IP/HWID banned to have another chance as a normal player. So those that genuinely like the game and are willing to invest will stay. Players who play with cheats and cheats only wouldn't really care what game they cheat and play at, they won't stay very long anyway. But then again we will never know until we actually try. Maybe if APB treated cheats in a harsher way it would draw more players, who knows.
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