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  1. Fallen earth 2.0 is still development and will probably take a few years before we get fallen earth 2.
  2. It's indeed a sad day now that FE is offline, though stay positive everyone we will be able to play a much more improved version of fallen earth in the future.
  3. Pretty sure any progress made in-game now won't be lost when the revamp of the game comes out.
  4. It's a sad day yes but the future of fallen earth will live on in its new release. So don't be too sad and yeah ill be miss the game as much as everyone here. Which is a lot. And in the future, I am pretty much sure everyone is going to be really happy to play an updated of fallen earth.
  5. The server, in general, has been experiencing slowdowns and the mail system, unfortunately, is also affected as well.
  6. Unfortunately, I have no information as of yet. I know as much as all of you currently that there seems to be maintenance or extended downtime.
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