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  1. i use cj2 some times cj3 cqc , actualy ir3 transforms your weapons in laser beams , you just gotta use it right
  2. Misery is pretty insane i used it alot since the buff and i beat most of the rifles with the right mods
  3. Because you will probably get a lifetime version ? it will be like every other guns(7days)
  4. Nimia

    Second wave of unbans

    Not respecting the TOS and somethings else but they didn't wanted to tell me 3666
  5. Nimia

    Second wave of unbans

    They actualy said they couldn't do anything for me and 1h later another person sended me this message
  6. Nimia

    Can't join Citadel server

    I actualy found a way to fix it , and it happend again to me just right know , i uninstalled the game and re-installed and it worked fine
  7. Nimia

    26.06.18 - 27.06.18 Server lags!

    Because of those problems i can't join any server tellings my char is stuck in the world
  8. Nimia

    game back to main page when its connecting to world

    I actualy tried something if i go on my main PC i can't join the server i went on my other pc and i could join the server and a district wtf is that shit
  9. Nimia

    Can't join Citadel server

    help since last night when asylum server crashed
  10. Nimia

    Account Unbanning

    So yeah i'm still banned i dont actualy care it will take the time it needs but that response that i got is competely retarted "Unfortunately, the ban on this account is not one of the ban types specified with the BattleEye update. This ban will for now stay active and I'm not authorized to makes changes on the account at this time."
  11. then just take a vegas if you dont want the high suspension
  12. Nimia

    Second Wave of Unbans has gone out!

    Say solved aswell my profile status is blocked and i can't join
  13. Nimia

    Account Unbanning

    Idk my ticket is number 450 , just wait i guess ?