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  1. It's okay. I'm 20 and I'm already senile as heck. Long live Fallen Earth!
  2. If by this comment you mean that you're sitting there, paying prayer to the sun gods that your character is still a clone: Once the server issues are fixed again, or remedied for the meantime, your character will automatically correct itself, or be respawnable.
  3. Sounds like it's behaving similarly to my crusty ole modem. The way it hits a dark zone around the same stretch every night, regardless of magnitude. If it's Xfinity, smack 'em good.
  4. Thanks, y'all! Keep kickin' tail and takin' names.
  5. I'll try to account for your color sensitivity, Sooney. Is this better?
  6. Forwarded to Ritual, who is aware. No need to worry, everyone who's relevant to this now for sure knows.
  7. 11 minutes ago, a Moderator of the forums saw + moved a similar thread to Bugs / Technical issues, so someone is aware of it, however I wonder how quickly that gets passed up the ladder.
  8. Exactly. As if something prior and outdated is trying to "gasp for air" so to speak? But this is going to likely remain unknown until we hear some answers from the team that can see this data.
  9. Makes me wonder if Merchant / Trainer functions are server-side. I mean, it seems that obviously that's the case, but... I wonder what the root cause of this is, and what ultimately causes it to repeat almost daily.
  10. I've been checking. When the first spike happened, it lasted about 10 minutes, and included the interactions with Fast Travel, Mail, and Auction Automated Sending going dark, on top of the Garage/Mount Managers becoming non-functional, where-as you may also notice that during these spikes, the mobs you're fighting will not respawn once killed. I gave a report of this to Cyphered at the time whilst the game had returned to normal functions. Four hours later, the game returned to this state, and refused to regather itself, resulting in what is currently happening. Hopefully a fix will occur shortly, or it'll sort itself out in a reasonable time. I'll keep checking as long as I can. I'm awaiting my ability to push to level 55 on my crafter tonight, so hopefully this gets sorted. If anyone on here has my Discord, I have the app on my phone and will gladly correspond and do checks. For those of you who don't have my Discord! #4969
  11. I did honestly play SO much borderlands in high school but, not quite XD, ain't nothing quite like my FE
  12. You're not wrong, was just a concept, however I would like weapons with mods like grenade belts, or a device like a 1 minute auto-turret deployed with a 10dmg per shot like a minigun, that could be destroyed but has a 10 min CD Something like an attachable rifle launcher, or drum mags for pistols etc, that can create a new gun in entirety that is re-balanced to help out crafters with self defense, and add a cool touch to the game that encourages crafting and self-sufficiency for the cooler rewards.
  13. Now imagine if a new chapter of faction lore came into play with a central PVP war zone on a new sector, and these faction gears were released to trump GT gear with those benefits you listed, and then equated to a new max level: 60
  14. I left that Discord. It's disgusting, and none of what they said was warranted to any degree of common sense, or societal moral standards. I actually started to lose my temper watching that trash for the first time in over two years, and I like to keep everything in my life zen, calm, balanced. I'm truly sorry to the Little Orbit team. I will not stand for that kind of behavior in my life or around it. I feel as though this was a childish direct attack and slander, and I resent their behaviors as they continue to be allowed within the community at all. I was disgusted by what I saw, and I want you all to understand that they're the minority, and they have been part of the problem for a long time. Don't take it personally, we all love ya, Little Orbit! (The ones of us that have sense that is) Best wishes and regards from the more sensible FE community.
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