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With any other game I play,wether it being pc or even mobile game,these games have a Login Reward System. I just think evem by logging in we should get some kind of rewarda. For Ex: from 1-50 login days you can earn Joker Tickets,at every 50 or every 100 days unlocks or gives you a choice to unlock weapons and or joker ticket bundles.?? Does this sound good/fair? 👍 👎

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APB:Reloaded did trail a daily log in system but the tracker had some issue and needed further work. It wasn't reinstated... although I'm not sure why.

Honestly this would be a incentive to which I can only described as "Cute", for new players this may encourage them to try and stay more active for longer but it's a not going to be a great change to the game.

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