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I had the bright idea while I was bored and probably soon to get off, to host a growl off car show, or at least try. It was actually overwhelming how many people showed up. I'm soon to leave to the army (I'll be leaving Monday) so a little fun in a game as toxic as APB always usually is, is deeply enjoyed. Here's photos from it:




It was relocated to the garage after a griefier blew all the cars up but it still worked out. To my standards, I feel like Yoshey's car won the show and PumpkinQueen got runner up.

I didn't take a pic of Pumpkin's car but I did take one of Yoshey's and here it is: 




It's the panda-themed one there. I hope this game is still alive when I get the opportunity to play it again but if not I sure will miss it. It's ironically one of the most toxic and friendly communities at the same time. Maybe next time I get on I'll host another car show (probably fresnos) but until then I'll look forward to the date.

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Typical corvette drivers, can't park at all.

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This is what i like about apb, amongst all the shooting and killing, we can still band together and do something nice like a car show

sad to hear that a greefer had to show up, it was bound tho as he must of been unhappy he had a growl and couldnt be involved so he had to destroy everyones car.


also that first pic, kinda looks like the girl crossing the street is checking you out lol

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