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Tons of Bugs that are existed since LO updated this game!

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1. Team name tags disappears when returning to title screen multiple times.

2. Fin and Waterfront districts have character sliding issues, feels like standing on icy surface.

3. Player car bail out bug, player server side positioning is not in its place which makes aiming on it very difficult.

4. FPS issues occur when minimizing the games sometimes, also running other apps interfere with gameprogram which is stupid and might get detected as a thirdparty and cause ban.

and what about this fake anti-cheat? baby battle 🙂 

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On 4/14/2019 at 12:56 AM, CatilyaReportingAgent said:


This is your first post, you joined on April (i'm guessing April 1st) you just made this account.


Here's what i think happend (according to those specific issues your reporting)


You were playing a match you rage quit several times and noticed team name tags wouldn't come back.

The sliding issue I've heard before it might have to do with high refresh rate monitors (i'm not well informed about that)

This has become a tactic (i dislike it) where people do a drift and jump out of the car so when you attack your hitting a ghost dispite what the player model says (hope they fix it before the engine upgrade)


4.? why are you minimizing APB if your playing APB what else can you really do, "gameprogram" if battle eye picks up on it maybe your doing something wrong, I'll guess the "other apps" are simple fps boosters nothing that can't be accomplished by just opening task manager and closing memory hungry services/processes.



what about this fake anti-cheat? baby battle, Battle eye is working bans are manual (the best of my knowledge) battle eye gives you the information to decide if they are cheating or not (if it's blatant enough i'm assuming it auto bans) 


APB has a high skill ceiling it can be very difficult to tell a skilled player from a flat out cheater.

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1. never happend to me .. so i have no answer to this
2. its happend on cancel animation/lags/server lags
for cancel animation if player shoots for example OSCAR and he do this quick enough it will strangely slide your character
for lags player you are facing of have 150+ latency or you could have lover fps but i dont think this is the issue for you ...
for server lags its self explained
3. guy above explain it good i could add that its not server side issue but client issue.
4. minimising game dont make anny lags only then returning to game it lags for like 2 seconds and then run ok. about other programs BE closes them automaticly so it can test injections into client and BE service about Fake AC there is more then BE going on 🙂 have fun searching for it 😉 @CatilyaReportingAgent

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Hey there,

While it's great to see others wanting to report bugs, it's important that a format is followed - we can't really determine what 90% of the issues are here. As you say yourself, you want these bugs fixed. It'd help immensely if you followed the guide listed here and give us a detailed report of the issues you are experiencing.



On 4/13/2019 at 3:56 PM, CatilyaReportingAgent said:

and what about this fake anti-cheat? baby battle 🙂 

Please don't incite drama in a bug thread. This section of the forums should be apolitical and no drama. Leave that at the door.

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