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Guide For Easter Event +Rewards

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Hello I'm doing some little guide for the Easter Event for someone who don't know what to do.

-- Egg Hunt --
1. Find out a Mr.Bunny or Mr.Chick | Bunny gives you 1 Egg / Chiken gives you 5 Eggs
2. Kill Players to get the half egg they have or mug them to get all
3. You get a "egg multiplier" it going down every time you deliver your eggs (*5, *3, *2, *1)
4.You can deliver your eggs at a normal Contact you have (Don't try the other faction Contact)

5.You get a 20 second "Egg Shield" and Speed boost every time you mug a Bunny or chicken.
6.You have a Spawn "egg shield" if you have eggs left

-- Egg Launcher --

1. Find out the Egg Gun (Search around the symbol - max 200meters)
2. Every one who found it become as a Chosen one
3. Kill the Chosen one to become him
3. You need to make 15 Total Kills and then deliver the Gun to a Contact

-- Rewards --
1000 Eggs Delivering (mutiplier gives you more) = Title "Eggstravagant"
Play 10 Rounds = Title "Battle Hopper"
Kill 30 Players How Carry Eggs or With Egg launcher = Title "Big Rooster"
Mug 15 People who Carry Eggs = Title "Hot Chick"
Egg Wrangler = Joker tickets,Clothes,Title

-- Role --

Egg Wrangler Have 15 Lvl
Each Role you need to deliver 100 Eggs (From Bunny,Chicken or Players)

Ps: Sorry for my bad English

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I would wait with guide before fix...

Especially since normally you were supposed to drop at bunnies contacts, not some random evidence locker (plus that place is different for criminals).

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in older versions of events in areas were all the contacts and resetting the eggs was a lot easier .

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28 minutes ago, GuardianZero said:

Also u can mug any bunny u seeing in the streets .. not only the marked ones

The only marked "egg carriers" are chickens

And he didn't present difference.

Chickens carry 5 eggs, bunnies only 1.

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