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can i change it from 32bit to 64bit?

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I want to change my game from 32bit to 64bit.....i just said that........anyway I tried my best to creep into the files and try to find where can I change it from the only thing that I found is a battle-eye for 64bit nothing else.

please don't ask me why I need to do it I know the game is working fine but it still says out of memory from time to time and the textures look choppy AF even in high settings ( one eyebrow is 10 pixels....ugh) so i am trying to do the 64 bit thingy and hope for the best .

both win10 and CPU are compatible with 64bit and good enough specs to run any game on 64bit

and if you can tell me why EVERY GAME I have is in 32bit not 64bit? my old laptop had APB in 64bit why not this one ?

GTX1060 6GB M
8x2GB 2666hz Ram

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The game so far has never been 64-bit, only 32-bits


The engine upgrade (which is being tested currently) will be 64-bit.


You'll have to wait it out until then

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so why are the textures sooo choppy not even close to when I played it on my sh**** laptop?
i don't know why the cloths looks good'n all but the body textures......they look like HalfLife 1
and thank you for answering  😄

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The game being 64 bit or not has no effect on the textures , this mostly affects memory usage / management


Also apb doesn't have public 64 bit version yet , but this is comming with the engine upgrade.


now if the game looks or runs bad on your laptop , it is probably due to power limits or some preset profile , though it could be many other things .

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