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State of the Game: Fallen Earth 12/31/2018

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5 hours ago, Moondog said:

Moondog Spot here! I last logged on in 2012. Started playing when it was Icarus Studios.  Used to do a lot of PVP open world and Circuit farming ganking. Fun times former Wolves of War, former 10th Mtn officer. I didn't leave due to state of game. I retired and took a long tech free vacation. If this gets rebooted I will be most happy to come back and give it another go.


I dont even remember where I parked my car.



2009-2012 good times.

I remember Wolves of War quite a well!


2009-2012 good times indeed.

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On 2/5/2019 at 8:16 AM, Jeronan said:

Then, when all that was done, the game still bleed subscribers due to Icarus having trouble stabilizing the game, fixing issues, still lack of endgame (Icarus unfortunately had no clue how to make interesting group content in form with dungeons, lairs, etc.  If Icarus had one weak point it was that sadly). The NPC AI was also not really impressive and still isn't.


So as last resort they starting revamping the starter zones again, this time a lot of stuff was revamped within the Plateau zone, with more quests, more fleshed out NPC factions, etc. and adding the Blood Sports instanced PVP stuff.

While the small group of diehard PVP people were happy with it, a lot of people weren't and quit the game. Since they felt Icarus had the wrong priorities, especially after Lee Hammock left in 2010.  Suddenly focusing on Blood Sports PVP, instead of continue to fix the game, performance issues, lack of endgame, etc.

This pretty much describes the core issues with the game for me. Idc about this kind of PvP, I don't think either PvP or PvE works when mixed together in an open world setting, and it's too much trouble to zone areas to try to make everyone happy (which never works anyways). Separate servers are the best answer here methinks. 

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Posted (edited)

Can we get another state of the game soon?

Edited by Skippicaa

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