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Reward Reduction System for Dethreaters

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I don’t remember if there was a system like this or there is now honestly. But i’d like to share my ideas about reducing rewards of unmatched threat-district player.

For example you will get 50% money and standing reward as silver player in bronze district. In silver district they will get what they should have. Maybe +% reward in gold district?(Might be abused)

So what about gold players in bronze district? They should get 0% money and standing reward. In silver district 50% etc...

One more idea from me about threats: How about weekly change threats instead of changing instantly after a mission? This system would find real threats of players who will enjoy at their districts and decrease dethreaters’ number because of time period imo. And maybe get some reward as higher as your threats weekly like fight club challenges to encourage players upthreat. 


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12 hours ago, BXNNXD said:

reduced rewards was done for a few years, dethreaters want easy opposition over apb$ and standing 


didnt it work? imo not every dters will chose easy opposition against more money and standing especially if they are low rank. Edited by SML

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I could tell "dethreaters want to not oposition nolifes so they want to stay at silver" - dethreaters dont give a F about apb$ and standing because most of them are 255R ...

lowrank mostly cheats and lose this account in a few days, eventually weeks

there are so much triggerbots now days u cant even imagine that and all goes from nekrova server merge to disabling FF (not reworking it) - and enable BattlEYE who isnt working because its public anticheat ...

Change Threat System to propably Rank (overall-hours-played-on-this-account) - could look like R255 (1600) or R255 (T16) - calculating number of hours played on account (not number of hours stayed on social) devide it ty 100  and return T state.
T means Tier : or whatever
then u can delete colors of players stay at one color of the rank's  co we can see some platinum ranks, gold, bronze, silver as normal progression

R055 (T0) -> means this player plays less then 100 hours on this account
R033 (T55) -> means this player plays at last 5.500 hours on this account (counting all play time)

and now matchmaking will compate this T level to match properly players - you play more u are better you start play so you suck no matter what
this could trigger anticheat as well comparing accurency etc.

i know my english isnt perfect maybe u could dig into this and understand something

Edited by TheSxW

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(i didnt read saw title)
My suggestion: If player stays more than 2 min. further than 100m objective radius - gets penalty.After the 3rd min. - 2nd penalty and dat player gets 0 exp and 0 money after mission finish

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I'm of the opinion that any and every dethreater gives absolutely no shit about rewards. First: Max "level". Second: Millions in $apb. Third: Easy enemy, easy fun. Fourth: Slowly ranking up? Even better!... 
IMO you need to give rewards for getting better rather than taking them all away.

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