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Account Bound Clothing, Vehicles, & Kits

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Can't find a suggestion thread on this even though it has been discussed numerous times on threads. Seems obvious.



  • All cosmetics should have account bound purchase options.
  • Mostly affects untradable Clothing and Vehicles
    • Yes, Vehicle Kits potentially can be used on cars available in game, thus tradable in the in-game marketplace (or sent via mail)...but not all Vehicle Kits can be used that way.
    • All ARMAs clothing cannot be traded in the in-game Marketplace, even those which used to be in-game (ex. Double Gun Holster Back)
    • All ARMAs exclusive vehicles cannot be traded in the in-game Marketplace (many customizable ones have in-game purchase options anyway).
  • There is an option to Account Bound upgrade Weapons...but not clothing or vehicles.
  • You can get Account Bound Weapon skins (packs and individually)...but not clothing or vehicles.
  • There are already a few big bundles that clearly make this possible...but there are so many bundles that don't have this option.



  • More reason to buy character slots.
  • Justified prices for those individual items that are not 99G1C.
  • Easier than debundling everything.


  • Only a con if you don't have multiple character slots and just don't understand how bad people want virtual, pixelated, legwarmers without spending a fortune.
  • Only a con if you hate people are wasting money buying virtual goods to support a game with tones of customization.


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I'm just gonna bump this one...

I really want all packs account wide.. I've got too many weapons, clothing items and vehicles + bodykits out of packs on my (main) crim character that I can't use on my enfo... such a waste...

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another bump, with the suggestion that if this happens the transition should be handled similar to how g1 approached the addition of account bound weapons

  • character bound items that were purchased before x date would be upgraded to account bound for free
  • if you have multiple character bound purchases of the same item on an account, you are refunded the g1c cost for any duplicates

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I'm here to do my job as a necromancer. 


+1 to everything said so far. More stuff should be account bound by default, specifically expensive stuff. 

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