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Game crashing after upgrading graphics card and 2nd monitor

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Ive submitted a ticket, but I have NO idea how long that will take to get a response from so I thought Id try here too.  

Ive played this game for over a decade and have never had any issues.  No lag, no crashing, nothing.  


I recently upgraded my Graphics card, and My 2nd monitor.   Since then every time I log in to play I crash at LEAST once and its always in the middle of a mission 😞


This is what the error box says when I crash:

m_VertexBuffer->Lock(m_nNextVertexData, Size, &pData, VertexLockFlags) failed 
 at Src\D3D9DrawPrimitiveUPWrapper.cpp:293 

01:48:39 - Log: Log file closed, 27/06/22 21:48:39


All drivers are up to date, I tried limiting the framerate on the game in the nvidia control panel - Still crash

tried turning off the second monitor - Still crash 

ive messed with every graphics setting in game - still crash


Tonight Ive crashed 4 times in a row in less than an hour and im losing my mind here.  Anyone have any insight into what that error is?


here are my specs:

Intel i7-6700K 8 CPUs at 4.0 GHz

32 gig ddr 2400 ram


1TB ssd


help? 😞

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16 series has issues running APB i some times have had issues due to the card. the game isn't made to handle new hardware, also if you use the adv loader make sure particles isn't set to zero that will crash the game


as for a fix? beats me i stopped playing a year or two ago

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there are some threads discussing crashes - and prevention of them - for rtx cards. those helped some friends of mine. i do believe those tips may also help with the 16-series, since they're the same gen.


i'd like to encourage you to look them up yourself, i'll help if you can't find them

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