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Queen of Love

Deployable locks weapon equip on spawn.

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When any of deployable carryable ( boom box ,ammo bag, satchel) is still active around (time > 0), if player dies before count reach 0, then will be unarmed and without ability to equip any weapon or grenade.

Step1. Deploy .

Step2 . Die before deploy disappears.

Step3 . Spawn.

Step4. Character is unarmed and unable to equip own weapon until count of deploy reach 0 (also if hidden on hud).


Number of try 4/4 any district. Any weapon any carryable deployable.


Result expected : characters should not be influenced by time active of  deployable.

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Posted (edited)

This is a Mobile Cover induced bug:

What Happens


Deploying Mobile Cover after deploying a tangible consumable will visually cause the consumable to disappear from the map, but in reality, the consumable attempts to go back to Player hands.
The consumable going back to Player-hands fails because the player at the time is holding Mobile Cover. This overlapping causes the 'next-life consumable-weapon bug'. Ultimately, after respawning, the consumable will be held by the Player in an unheld-but-equipped state.


Recommended Action for Devs


Trace the Mobile Cover & Consumables code(s) and attempt to remove the line(s) that causes consumables to be returned upon deploying Mobile Cover.


Temporary Measure for Players


Simply press Left-Mouse-Button to release the Consumable (in the case of Satchel Charge, the Player must respawn immediately to be able to have Satchel Charge on the next life because it only lasts for 15 seconds. You can hear it chime and even explode in your belly if not released, fun stuff)

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bound a button to unequip weapon press when happen keep playing like normal

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