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Sgt Drayke

Bullet hit registry not being detected

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Hi Dev's  Hope all is well.   Appreciate your all working the update stuff. 


Last few weeks iv been noticing a steady decline in "hitting bullets" almost as if the server/ hit registry is hugely off.   Il go back through the footage to find examples. 

Multiple times iv emptied a 32 bullet clip in a trouble maker  at someone clearly visible that 25(ish) bullets have hit the body of the oppo, curser is red but with 3 or 4 hit markers appearing,

given the range 1 - 2 meters, at least 25/27 of the bullets hit..  

to add to this issue even the "tagger" over head marker is not being triggered when shooting players, Getting the Hit marker  but no Yellow tag maker after multiple hits. 


This has been happening on my Criminal character on Financial District with various guns. I have swapped over to my Enforcer to test if its still happening. 

 can only be server side?  or other players bad connections ? 


Client side is 62fps, 16ms

Server 33ms

Latency 16 - 20 MS  avg 18 

Packet loss 0


No noticeable spikes (lag) 

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Same, tracked a running target for at least 10m. Crosshair red the whole time i'm tap firing with a Frenzy (Which handles similar to an NTEC imo) and not a single shot hit.

Noticed that some players you fight. Every shot lands or most land. Then there's some where they don't move any different than the last bunch (or even move slower) and not a single one of your shots land.

Sadly it's not something I can prove and it's currently not worth proving. APB 2.1 go brrrrrrrrr

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last week i only got 6 kills. im not a bad player very averge. roughly in a single session around 50-100 kills. i noticed during my time online that


most shots out of smgs at cqc would pass through targets and hit behind them

hvr never hit

shotguns would almost always hit 1 pellet at least but almost never more

rifle class weapons would straight up miss targets no matter the bloom on my heir or target distance

fbw had same issues as the rifles and machine pistols i couldn't hit the broad side of barn standing inside of it with the doors closed

opgl worked fine though 

something odd is at hands becuase it use to not be like this unless it is due to east and west but i never pay any attention to what disc i am in 

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