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Constant Stuttering

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I run a Ryzen 3 2200G 3.7 APU,

24GB DDR4 Hyper x Fury RAM

and A GDDR5 256-bit MSI Armor OC AMD Radeon RX580 2040sp 


It doesn't seem to matter

Lower resolutions,

lowered settings no matter what I do

once I get into one of the 2 open districts and even when I go to the social after


The game has constant stutters  of on and on like a light switch mainly when I move or look a certain way

then when it doesn't stutter it runs butter smooth even on max settings it seems to be at intervals of 3-8 seconds one moment it's fine the next it's unplayable

anyone got a fix for this... and don't say disable kernal locking because theres no setting on my bios

I use an Asus Prime A320M-K motherboard


And I have the internet running above 36 Mbps down and 7.6Mpbs Up using a boost connect via ethernet with a PCI-E Network card as back up

I don't see no reason why it shouldn't be running so i'm assuming it's something beyond me!


I just recently reinstalled and repaired the updater too and this is a new account it's currently less playable for me now than it was a yr or 2 ago, and trust me i want this to work I do but i'm slowly giving up hope that i'll ever not have something wrong with this game.


please help me fix it so theres one less thing for me to complain about! (I use Windows 10: Prof OS)

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if i get crap like this it's normally a player running something on there end or it's lag from starting up or entering a part of the map you have yet to enter.

theres also the issue of newer hardware. you would think having a 2k dollar pc would make this game run at a smooth 300 fps no lag stutters but nah this game is built like shit till new engine and the best you can hope for is you having less lag then your opp, or you can make a pc for this game (god why would you do that?) that runs on best for 32 bit operating because that's what apb is based on 

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Hi @ZykenShadow hope youre well . 


so just want to overview your specs, CPU is good, Your Graphics Card is nice, in terms of playability it should play APB very well at high/max in 1920x1080 @60ps , any higher resolution you might struggle.   This GPU is in the same category as the Nvidia GTX970/980

Your memory, 24gb, this is 4x 6gb ? a quad kit or two dual kits. sounds silly but make sure your Bios recognises the priority, you dont want to spend money for quad or dual kits and the bios has them set as individual channels.  but also if they are individual sticks having different timings can cause a lot of issues. 

your connection speeds up and down is fine, but you could still have high ping between home and service provider, you can do a speed test, or if you feel confident ping your service provider via command to see what you get. 

besides this i dont think your issue is actually hardware , its playable. 


if your using Windows 10 Pro , it should only be 64bit. so keep this in mind when getting drivers and hardware support applications 


So pointers, from experience, 


- Having APB installed to the C : (OS drive) has always been an issue, this is down to the continuous seek read/writes the os has to do, and the vast amount APB requires, especially with cache'ing (cache is all the players customiseable content being downloaded and writen to file, Read and deleted later)   The best fix to this is to have a secondary storage device, internally, another issue to this is i have found the game is not stable on SSD, I prefer to have the game on HDD, mine if you interested is just a 3TB 7200RPM Sata3.    This is my first point of concern for your "interval stutters" 


- Windows 10 & gaming,  (Cut down answer) this os is great, but not the best friend to games and gamers, there is a lot of security features in the os, + any you install. It is 100% advised you keep these installed and on, they are there for a reason, it is just a case of setting them up to accept APB . the game is 10 years old so a lot of security applications dont recognise the game or see it as a danger to os. 

   Common pointers here, 

        1 - Check your OS Firewall  & Defender for application access

       2- Check your Antivirus, malware, and any other security software,  they tend to run "hips", "sandbox", "netguard"  and more, these can isolate the games run environment to stop it misbehaving. 


- Drivers and updates,  make sure your OS is up to date, keep in mind that in recent times windows 10 updates has a habit of resetting your prefrences.  so if you have a large service update, worth taking 5 mins to go through your os preferences.    

     Gpu Drivers are a must when it comes to updates.  same for other peripherals,. like sound cards and motherboard etc. you should also check your device manager and make sure all devices have the correct driver. a common mistake is that the os installs its own "windows version" of a driver, that never gets updated. 

     DirectX and Netframework.  two of the most common issues now with older games.    it is always worth getting the latest version of Direct X and Netframework from Microsoft site, and install/update.  


As always between updates , driver installs/updates you should restart your computer, this will help your os configure its self but also allow you to reverse a step if you have any issues. doing to much at ones can cause corrupt files. 


Final bit... And iv said it in other threads. 

Windows 10  has its own "automatic" monitor support/controls as well as your graphics card package especially if your connected by display port.   You will find running the game in full screen can cause some issues  especially with vsync enabled, I can only put it down to how the os tries to support the graphics card and monitor.  if you turn vsync off you might see screen tear,   my best solution through testing is to run the game in "window mode" you can resize the window to be a few pixels less then your native res, or like i do i have a 4k desktop and run the game in the middle at 2560x1440 "2k" res.  if you do this you can disable Vsync in game as its void in window mode, and tell your graphics controller to prioritise Vysnc for application = APB.exe   


More on this HERE ( although this Thread is for RTX it still works in theory for other gpus, i used to run a GTX980SC2) 



Hope that helps cast some light for you  





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