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  1. I run a Ryzen 3 2200G 3.7 APU, 24GB DDR4 Hyper x Fury RAM and A GDDR5 256-bit MSI Armor OC AMD Radeon RX580 2040sp It doesn't seem to matter Lower resolutions, lowered settings no matter what I do once I get into one of the 2 open districts and even when I go to the social after The game has constant stutters of on and on like a light switch mainly when I move or look a certain way then when it doesn't stutter it runs butter smooth even on max settings it seems to be at intervals of 3-8 seconds one moment it's fine the next it's unplayable anyone got a fix for this... and don't say disable kernal locking because theres no setting on my bios I use an Asus Prime A320M-K motherboard And I have the internet running above 36 Mbps down and 7.6Mpbs Up using a boost connect via ethernet with a PCI-E Network card as back up I don't see no reason why it shouldn't be running so i'm assuming it's something beyond me! I just recently reinstalled and repaired the updater too and this is a new account it's currently less playable for me now than it was a yr or 2 ago, and trust me i want this to work I do but i'm slowly giving up hope that i'll ever not have something wrong with this game. please help me fix it so theres one less thing for me to complain about! (I use Windows 10: Prof OS)
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