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QoL small Idea for Apb

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Why not make An account based Bank ? 

That way it will make sharing between Same Account alts Much better than waiting for a friend who may disconnect cause of blackout that will stay for 10 days or simply from getting scammed, 

Also wont be needing to deal with that irritating 3 items every 1 min Lock through mails, 

An account  based Bank will help you trade whats allowed to be traded, between your Alts on the same Account, i know lots of people Who got lots of characters will benefit from this greatly and i think it will be a welcomed small QoL change, What do you guys think ? 

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53 minutes ago, SquirrelFace said:

I wish my weapon roles would be account bound, at the very least faction bound.


I double this, pls yes.

Speaking of bank account... well I don't really support the idea, ability to transfer money from character to character will have the same effect imo

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