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Is there any other meta rather than Clotting Agent + Happy Landings?

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5 hours ago, GhosT said:

Happy Landings is a meta?

Thought everyone runs car surfer.


Happy Landings, especially 3, forces you into an animation if you jump down a curb already. I'd rather lose some HP and continue running.




I haven't used Happy Landing (even 1) in ages, because of the landing delay that more often that not leaves you with your pants down long enough to be gunned down.


The meta is actually just knowing how much damage you will take in a fall- map awareness helps a lot here when you can stagger your decent in multiple jumps and avoid the fall damage all together, rendering HL as more of a crutch than a necessity.


For me personally, I run CA2 and a consumable of choice dependent on district im playing in.


2 hours ago, CookiePuss said:

Lots of great advice in this thread, but you really need to try the different mods to see what works best for you. Also, dont be afraid to switch up your mods to compliment your weapon / vehicle loadouts, the mission you are currently in, or to counter your opps loadouts. 


This x2.

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I'm running Fragile + Hard Landings and it's kinda brutal. The reduced health lets a lot of guns kill you in 1-2 fewer hits so you're at a really big disadvantage in fights. I pair it with Healing Spray though and it actually gives you so much clutch potential in cqc fights because you could just run away or take cover for 2-3 seconds to use the spray and you're back at full health. People rush your cover because they think you're at low health but you can just blow them away when they approach.

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